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    PWCToday Regular Halfdune's Avatar
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    Re: Group k air fuel seperator

    Quote Originally Posted by mrgoodwrench View Post
    Halfdune throw up some pictures of your compleeted product and prices any you might just sell a few if your interested.☺
    Here check it out- been done for months, just getting around to posting it. The elbow on top is threaded for mikuni pilot jet- I think I have a #45 in there and a #50 main jet in the return line to regulate fuel pressure.
    vapor separator resize.jpgvapor separator.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: Group k air fuel seperator

    Very nice looking have you run it yet? You going to start making and selling them? Thanks for the update.

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    Re: Group k air fuel seperator

    Quote Originally Posted by wmazz View Post
    I am sorry (but just a little )

    "Just because you found it on the internet, doesn't make it true."

    Group K is responsible for many of the myths, and as a result the people on PWCtoday
    find themselves chasing problems that do not exist. In this case he is claiming long
    fuel lines are the root of the problem again!! The need for a pressurized fuel tank is
    another great Group K myth.

    Group K is performing engine mods that effect the carbs ability to transition from manifold
    vacuum to air speed through the venturi, but they are not making any changes in the
    carb or the jetting to compensate for their mods. This approach has been a fundamental
    problem with many of their carburetor choices since the mid 90's (about 1994).

    It is no wonder they notice detonation on a left hand turn.

    Of course Group K's writing style is friendly and easily accepted as gospel, but that is
    the problem, and cause of pwc myth.

    Bill M.
    MRD FI comes immediatly to my mind. They do not use lots of fuel. They do have a provision to keep from running rich out of water.

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