Cities Edge Shakopee, What a Joke!!

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    PWCToday Regular Bridomine99's Avatar
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    Cities Edge Shakopee, What a Joke!!

    Just wasted an entire evening for two families, what a joke.

    Called CitiesEdge this morning about a '04 Kawi SXR they had for sale and was told: "it was the owner's personal demo, it only has 10 hours on it, we did all of the maintenance, and it is in perfect shape". I put money down on it, took off work early along with a buddy, drove an hour down there, and the machine was in very poor condition with a dinged prop, all of the rubber around the footwell torn up and very poorly repaired with duct tape / rivets / silicone, major scratches / chips / gouges all the way around, corrosion in the engine compartment, etc. Absolutely unbelievable that a factory dealership would mislead us like this and waste an entire evening.

    Now with that said, their salesperson is a young woman and I would have maybe been able to let some of this slide if the guys behind the bench had just appologized for her misrepresentation of the machine; however the one guy stood by her and explained to us how "she does well for them and the engine was in "showroom condition".

    I don't get on the internet and rant like this; however these guys cost me and my buddy a full night, a $100 in fuel, and created a major letdown as we were pretty pumped about the prospect of a new to us SXR. You make the call, but I wouldn't even think about buying a t-shirt from them let alone a piece of powersports equipment after this experience.

    Note: If the owner by chance reads this and would like to talk or try to explain, feel free to shoot me a PM. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess I was talking to him and his daughter.
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    Re: Cities Edge Shakopee, What a Joke!!

    I seen that ski on craigslist. That sucks you would think fixing it up should be no problem for them.

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