I am wanting to take a 2 or 3 day trip down the Mississippi or the Ohio. Like start in LaCrosse and fo to St. Paul or down to Lansing Iowa. I am also wanting to put 2 way water proof radios, and a stereo on the jetski. Like a water proof Goldwing. I want to take on the 2 2006 GTXs I have and maybe travel a day each way to another town dock at a hotel and leave the next morning and go down the river the other way for a day or so. Go through a lock and dam or 2. Maybe start in St Louis and see the arch from the water. and go North or South for 200 miles or so to another town. What about Madison In. to Cinn Ohio? Thank you for any help or suggestion in advance they will all be read. I will write a review when we have done them.
Send me a PM or put it here so all can see.