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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Sep 2010

    Help with a noise

    I have 2 1998 Seadoo GTX Limited's

    The firts one Makes a loud whining sound every now and then.
    Cant really pin point it when its moving but really noticable. It doesnt seem
    to do it at idle. where would a good spot be to start looking?

    The second GTX I thought was the fuel baffle because when you start it,
    It would Make a long beeeeeeep every 30 seconds or so. I replaced the fuel baffle
    with another used one off ebay and it does the same thing. I finally Just jumperd
    the two wire at the baffle together and it stopped beeping, But now I have no
    fuel gauge . Did i just install another bad baffle or does this go deeper then I think?

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    I dream skis
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    Jan 2006
    Grandville MI

    Re: Help with a noise

    The noise is most likely coming from your jet pump. Yes, you installed another faulty fuel baffle in your ski

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    resident guru
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    Aug 2009

    Re: Help with a noise

    I was thinking pump also but wondering if perhaps he's hearing it ridding it the chop. When your pump leaves the water you might bang the rev limiter if you're holding the throttle and you'll hear a funny whine or pitch change..actually one of my skis sounds like some kind of double fart when it happens

    What made you change a fuel baffle from a long beep? If you're getting constant low fuel message, neither my skis ever beeped from this though, and you swapped baffles and still get the message I'm betting your float is junk. Not sure on the 98's if they used the plastic or carbon but both have their issues with logevity but the white plastic seem to last a little longer, the carbon ones turn into sponges and SD stopped using them. Best way to tell is pull the baffle and you can actualy tilt it so the float slides inside...if the reading changes on your gauge the baffle is good and again it's the float. Toss the float in a small can of gas and bet it sinks. If so parkeryamaha has the white plastic floats and is what's current.

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