Looking for unrestricted areas to ride...

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    PWCToday Regular skirunner2486's Avatar
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    Looking for unrestricted areas to ride...

    I also posted this in the air crew's group, but I don't know how much cross reading goes on so here it is...

    I moved out here (Boston) from WI to finish up school. Last summer I got the itch to pick up another ski to keep myself sane in the city. I grew up riding and its tough for me to be away from water (riding) for 4 years. I picked up a basket SXi which I have finally got running well. I'm starting to do some hard research on where to ride and am really having difficulty finding freshwater places. I didn't realize most lakes were banned in NH until I started looking. Is there a place to look that just lists banned or "not banned" lakes for the NH/MA/ME/VT area? All I've been doing is google mapping larger lakes and then hunting info for them. Usually they end up being banned or I'm unable to find an answer. Back home in WI, the skis just automatically came with if we were heading to any lake for the weekend. The thought of a lake being banned never even came to mind. Any advice on good places to ride or sites with good lake info?

    Also, my wife is running a half marathon next weekend (June 3rd) up near white river junction VT and I'm being forced to come with. I was hoping to make the best of it by tossing the ski on the hitch hauler and finding a nice lake to put some time on before she runs. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the lakes in the area are all banned. Any lakes around that area not banned?

    Thanks for any advice...

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    PWCToday Regular mewaschuk's Avatar
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    Re: Looking for unrestricted areas to ride...

    Near WRJ you have Mascoma Lake and the CT River. That's pretty much it. Kind of sucks. Just as bad for the 3 seaters, VT is not pwc friendly. I live near WRJ.
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