Hello all,

I had the good fortune to be a part of the pre-events leading into the Wavedaze event in Virginia Beach VA. I met with the AWA club members and leaders who pull this great event together. It was pretty cool!

My role was to work with the AWA H20 Responder program, we did a free training course for the local water safety agencies who use PWC's for rescue and patrol. This group was really positive, enthusiastic and fun to work with. I had a great time, then one day of a nearby training with military folks on the second day. Even Brian got into the training, he did really well!

Wavedaze 2012 was held in Memory of Kevin Bruins. The Virginia Beach WaveJunkies put this gathering on April 27-29th.

Photos posted by Candice: http://s1191.photobucket.com/albums/.../WaveDaze2012/

Unfortunately the AWA executive director had to go back up to DC to attend a congressional hearing on our AWA club members behalf, so we had to cut short our intended stay for the event. These folks do a great service to their local community, I look forward to heading back out again and training the local lifeguard agencies.