Interesting stats from the March Questionnaires

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    Interesting stats from the March Questionnaires

    I wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who have signed a waiver and filled out the small questionnaire that I created and handed out back at the March dinner and ride. Also thanks to all for your warm wishes since I became the club secretary in March and for putting up with me as the fill-in moderator the past few days. I've been balancing that with my duties here at the campgrounds but it's late and slow so I was up doing some number crunching and had some facts from the questionnaire to share with our members.

    We currently have 44 members who have signed a waiver. We have had 36 people who filled out the questionnaire sometime in March or April.
    The average age of our members who answered the questionnaire is 38.
    33 ride sit downs, 3 ride stand-ups, and 2 had both types. Of the 35 sit down machines 29 are three passenger models.
    From all the year models; 27 are less than five years old and only two were more than 10 years old.
    28 are married; 7 said their spouses did not ride but the remainder ride with their spouses.
    Of the married couples who ride together there were 4 couples who indicated that they ride double on a single PWC and the rest have their own PWC for each spouse.
    I will not give the exact number but most of those couples have kids, many of those kids still being at home but several members indicated having kids who are already grown.
    Under activities 32 of 36 indicate that they have no interest in anything related to; racing, obstacle courses, buoy-courses, time-trials, or competitions of any kind.
    The main activities chosen in order were; sight-seeing and scenery, touring, and exploring side activities such as fine dining and lodging.
    Most people checked that they prefer fairly-organized events with known schedules over freelance riding with no particular schedule or itinerary.
    Of the contact methods; 24 indicated they read a flyer in a marina/PWC dealer/other location, 15 are members of PWCToday, 7 are members of Facebook [be sure to find our new facebook address], 16 were referred by friends/relatives, 11 read ads for the club in a newspaper, 10 were told about the club by their local PWC dealer/salesman with Sunrise being 7 of those. This was meant to be a check-one question but I forgot to say that and most thought they were supposed to check all that apply. I was trying to find out where people very first learned of the club.
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    Re: Interesting stats from the March Questionnaires

    So that's what you've been working on
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