2004 MSX150

Craft is in good shape...
Engine is taken apart. Cases are bad.

While doing a service on the lake... an idler pin for a gear up front bored it's way backwards through the case and dropped into the case, UNDER the front rod.... 0-: not good.

With time and parts into the engine already, now it's got a hole in the case.... and sill running but will not hold oil. ;-(

Our customer desided to just leave it with us and sent me the title for it.
At one time in the past I was a big fan of this craft and wanted one sense they were unvailed at 2002 Nationals in Nashville TN.

I have a lot of projects going on, to many projects so I need to sell off a few to people that want to actually get them done.

Far as we can tell the parts needed are:
Engine case, case front cover, 1 Rod.

Everything else is there. The engine was still running even with the hole in the case. We did NOT run it but for a few seconds in this condition.
The crank is good. The head is good. The exhaust and Turbo are good.

I know what we put into this craft before the gear idler pin decided to not play nice with the other engine parts.
I need to move this craft out. Just make an offer. There are a LOT of great parts in this craft.
I will NOT part it out. I want to sell the entire craft as one. What you want to do with it is fine with me.

I have the TITLE.
It has a trailer with it.