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    I dream skis MASTER Brian's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by legdragpete
    That 650 has every bolt ob available, 42 kehien, boysen reeds, westcoast head, jetenitics flywheel, Factory pipe, Jetsport manifold.....

    I have no idea waht the impeller is right now. I had a Mariner swirl in it and that stripped becuase I didn't torque it down enough and I grabbed this straight blade out of the junk pile that was a kinda dirty loking stainless and it blows the doors of the old impeller, so go figure.

    The 650 is is ok but an X2 needs big power to really do cool ticks. Subs are almost impossible with a stock motor. The 52 HP it comes with just can't hop it out of the water enought to do stuff.
    I agree the stock motor is pretty weak, but I was able to still stick my friends under water on subs even with his being completely stock. Now I will say, I wasn't able to get it down as much as my standup, but still pretty good. Of course that might be 12+ years of riding also...

    I think I will opt for the twin carb, ported 750 for the X2 and mod a 650 for the 550 hull. I believe that 750 is just too much for that 550 hull/pump...
    MASTER Brian

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    15.5 straight pitch stainless from Skat doesn't do too bad.

    'Course you can always cheat on the subs with a stock motor. Just idle along (standing) with the trim all the way down and the bars all the way forward. Then shove down on the bars to bury the nose under and nail it. It'll go down, then you can shift your weight back to level it off and ride it a little, then kick back all the way to bring it back up on top. About then my motor would always die from being starved of air from having the air feed openings under for that long. One of these years I'll get around to putting a modded air feed in like Pete's got.
    '99 STX 1100/1200 triple pipe, 48 NOVI's, Cold Fusion head, ported, Kaw race ign, Skat pump, drop nozzle, light seat, carbon hood; '97 STX 1100 Cold Fusion head, ported, modded stock exhaust, timing advance; '86 X2 Westcoast pipe, WC 180 psi head, 38 dual Mikunis, ported, MSD; '87 X2 Kerker manifold, PJS pipe, PJS 190 psi head, dual 38's; '87 X2 stock w/ 44 carb, pontoons; '95 X2 750 project; Johnny O's supercharger; 650 MRD fuel injection, must sell enough to keep wife happy.

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    Re: X2 PORN MOVIE take 2

    Saved. To find it later.

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