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    Re: 650sx bogging on take off

    i also have an exhaust leak in mine, easiest way to test to take the hood off and run it if it runs better then you know you have an exhaust leak.
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    Re: 650sx bogging on take off

    Get a flow control valve to dry out the water box, mine is set to 1/4 throttle and it made it stop lugging at low rpms. I too have fuel cooling.

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    Re: 650sx bogging on take off

    Quote Originally Posted by alphamale3 View Post
    Im not 100 % sure but I wouldnt think the electronics would have anything to do with your problem. But if it makes you feel any better my 650 is doing the same thing, did you ever figure it out?

    hi guys .. Iíve had the bog many times .. 2 strokes can fowl plugs.. I always rev it up a bit in place to warm it up before I drive.. I like to run it full blast at start and just before I shut down just to clear it out.. howís your plugs?? They can tell you lots! While idling remove one plug wire ... if it stalls your only running one cylinder if it keeps idling try the other... youíll hear a difference . Sometimes just plugs go bad.. any weeds in the grate??

    exhaust leaks , clamps and gaskets, maybe replace.. try torque the bolts to spec .. look up your specific ski.. also the intake can also do this.. torque bolts or maybe even replace gaskets on intake manifold and carb .. sets are cheap on e-bay if your intake is sucking air from a bad or loose gasket it is leaning it out and robbing the gas. If gaskets bad on exhaust side your loosing your pressure which affects the combustion process of the two stroke .

    carb settings could be off but if 1/4 turn donít fix it Iíd put it back.. you need to read your plugs to set the carbs.. at mid to top.. too dark too rich too light to lean I like my plugs to look light tan colour.

    bottom end I like to turn 1/4 at a time until I hear motor start to rev up a little. Then drive slow with new plugs and check the colour.

    gas lines... are they old ?? Loose , see lots of bubbles?? Maybe sucking air.. I had to replace a primer once after replacing all my fuel system ! Parts get old and start to fail . Howís you filter?? I like to run clear inline filters about 3 bucks and replace when I see junk inside. Howís your fuel pump ?? I had a bad diaphragm, again cheap rebuild set on e-bay
    could also have a loose pulse line going to the pump making it weak or just not run nice ..

    I also have had it bog if I didnít pump my bilge often enough. I guess the water spray inside causes isssues.. weird to me because itís all supposed to be water proof lol.

    hope that helps guys!

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    650sx bogging on take off

    When was the last time your carb was rebuilt/cleaned? The small filter in the mikuni SBN carbs will and do get clogged with crud. Will drive you crazy. If you havenít already take the diaphragm cover and remove the small filter on the pump side. If its clean move on. If its dirty you might have found your problem.
    Also, cut your plug wires back and screw them back in. This will ensure your getting good spark. Is it the same plug that goes bad every time?

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