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    PWCToday Newbie sweeney1995's Avatar
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    Point me in the right direction

    Hey pwc today, my name is Sean Sweeney i am a 15 year old and been riding since i was 12 thats when i saved up enough money to buy my first ski. iv been riding ever day since but now im want to get into some real racing.. not just racing the same 12 old guys that have been riding the same track for the past 20years. right now my boat is an 2008 sxr, the only mods are a tbm ride plate tbm Rear Sponsons and TBM Racing Super Scoop. I am just tring to get my name out there some how and any advice / feed back is very much appreciated
    (Feel free to add me on facebook)
    Thank You- Sean Sweeney
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home PrickofMisery's Avatar
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    Re: Point me in the right direction

    Contact your Region and register, locate/hire an excellent mechanic (contact RAS motorsports, Rob was looking for riders to sponsor a while back), contact sponsors ( you will need all the help you can get), work out off the track (cardio/strength/flexibilty) and above all get out and practice, practice practice!....At the end of the day that is all you have to fall back on out on the course. When you are tired, cold, water chop is crazy, hungry, have something more inviting to do, etc..... These are all signs to keep working

    Welcome the board.

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    Frequent Poster standupguy619's Avatar
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    Re: Point me in the right direction

    he said it mostly! cardio cardio cardio and choppy water practice man! im just getting into racing myself to, i'm in reg 1 . race as many classes as you can to. I set my sxr up for the stock class and i also race limited class with the same ski. do that as well. if your still able to race jr's also. if your wanting to get your name out there get a sea doo hx or a kawi x-2 or a yam wave blaster whatever you prefer race beginner sport spec and show the world your racer. i practice with the san diego practice guys behind hx's blasters and x2's for the choppy water practice. starts are the #1 critical thing though man , start well finish well as im sure aware of. race race and race bro it doesn't take much to get sponsored if do well . good luck

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