Hello all,
It has been a while since I have posted and I hope all is well.
I am planning a touring trip of the mid and southern Chesapeake bay. My primary dates are May 28 thru June 8. The trip will begin in Kinsale Va. and head down the Potomac to smith point, from there points south and then across the bay to the eastern shore. From there points north and then a final crossing back to the western side and back up the Potomac.
If any of you guys north of the Potomac would like to join in let me know and we can meet up anywhere on the Potomac, it would save you the drive down into Va.
I have been planning this trip for months searching campgrounds and open beaches where we can camp.
As the time gets closer for departure I will be posting pics of my ski and rig along with lists of items I will be carrying. I also am planning to post a website dedicated to this trip. It will be a non profit non sponsered trip and there will not be any chase boats. So if you decide to do this trip make sure your boat U.S. is paid up.
My 8 year old son and I are going to make this trip and you are all invited we would love to share this trip with all who are willing. This will be an adventure to remember.
Anyone interested in the trip or details shout out.