Most Expensive (and smallest) Ulua for Me...

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    PWCToday Guru SpearoPaul's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    Unhappy Most Expensive (and smallest) Ulua for Me...

    Gas top-off: $40

    Fresh bands/shooting line: $30-ish.

    First time with this BW gun. My regular 55" Wong is still inoperable - I need to buy more SS cable to replace the shooting line with on that gun. So it was the 61" Wong today.

    After my first BW stops showed no onos or mahis, (medicore viz, current pushing east to west with the wind blowing NE to SW) I felt like picking up another ulua so I moved inshore. I drifted around with the tide/winds chumming and looking for new structure when I stumbled upon a new wreck I had never seen before. I love it when that happens. About 90'. I head down with my gun, find a "guard ulua" apparently fast asleep. I swam up to it, shot it point blank where I thought a stone shot would happen. Gun had quite a bit of POWAH! Went clear through the ulua's head and buried itself in a metal pipe. Ulua wasn't knocked out and started thrashing, bending the shaft much to my dismay. This was a slip-tip system too. Started trying to pull it out as other uluas became alert came over to see what the commotion was about. No luck getting the fish or my shaft out.

    Took me a few drops to decide I wasn't going to be getting the slip-tip or the shaft back. At least I managed to fend off the sharks on all of those drops and was able to retrieve a completely intact ulua by unclipping my shooting line and pulling it through. Two sharks kept making passes at myself and the ulua. You can see 'em in the clip.

    Shaft + slip tip = $140-ish.

    Still alive, a smile on my face and enjoying sashimi before I head out for triathlon training = priceless. 8)


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    PWCToday Newbie NaluFX140's Avatar
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    Jul 2009

    Re: Most Expensive (and smallest) Ulua for Me...

    Gr8 me amped to fuel up the ski and put-in on Monday. Anyone free?

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