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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyholmes View Post
    I wouldn't run an SBT engine if it were free!!! They are pure garbage. I will gladly post some pics of the guts of a few SBT builds. They use chinese parts or cheap parts, the pistons, clips, rings and sleeves are very weak. They sleeve many applications cause its cheaper than repairing factory style nikasil linings in the cylinder jugs, they don't check the run out too well on cranks and will send them out the door out of spec. Their sleeves don't even match the ports most of the time. I have alot of SBT engine pics if you guys have some, I'd like to trade with you, I don't want my customers on their junk and stuck in the ocean somewhere. No Thanks.
    Really? Please send us some pics.
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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    By the way most bearings made now are foreign.
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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    i have a sbt yamaha 760 engine. i didnt buy it new. i got it with no time on it from the previous owner that gave up on his ski when the pump liner seized the impeller.
    i have never had a problem with my sbt 760 and i have had it for 2 years now, running strong. also rebuilt my pump with an sbt parts and an sbt impeller. good stuff.

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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk36 View Post
    Jeremy, How can you feel so strongly that you are right when you are surrounded by authoritative professionals that don't agree with you! You are lone voice in the wilderness.

    I dont think he is the only voice, but as in the past, anyone who bashes these engines on here get a nasty PM from the admin or get banned. It makes the people that have issues with them not want to say anything, at least on this site.
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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    They usually do NOT ban people as long as they are civil about their complaints and can back them up. The admin here is much more willing to listen to complaints then other site IMO.

    Its been argued to death if its worth some cases it is, and in some cases it isnt. We all know they dont use top quality parts...and unless you specify to your engine builder, he is prob using alot of the same parts as SBT.

    In a lot of cases...its the users fault in the first place...which they cover! Not many builders do...
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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    I have SBT engine since 2007 and still run good now.I bought and trusted SBT engine through some one did use it and recommend me. Also, NO FAULT warranty.

    IMO, if some one build something to sell and say NO FAULT warranty. That means they really know what are they doing to keep their business.

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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    I know this is an old thread, but I have been installing SBT engines now for around 5 years.... I've only had 2 bad ones from the get-go (1 yamaha 1200pv that the cases were welded and it leaked) and 2nd 4 stroke seadoo that who knows why it went bad.. both were replaced with no problem, and over the 5 years I have seen less than 3 total failures.... I spend at least 25k/yr. with them and about the only thing I don't like is the carb kits and the starters... everything else is great.... I'm currently running a 4 yr old sbt engine in my 96xp with a spec 1 pipe turning 7300... Shipping is a bit high, but all-in-all I am very pleased and I call them for most any part I need... so, take it for what it's worth but when I blow up this 787, I will buy another from them for my own ski...
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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    I used SBT engines for years and not had one issues

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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyholmes View Post
    they don't check the run out too well on cranks and will send them out the door out of spec.
    I know for a 100% fact that the statement above is B.S.- I have personally witnessed their crank tech true crank after crank after crank to within .001" on multiple occasions over several years. He simply wasn't satisfied until it was within .001" - and they didn't know I was watching them work, so it wasn't a show.
    Last edited by ImpactSportsTV; 05-25-2011 at 11:48 PM.

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    Re: SBT engine reliability?

    There is nothing better about an OEM Engine from a SBT engine. if the OE engine was so good they would not be getting replaced . I use to work at the dealerships many factory new engines blow up and get replaced under warranty. I have seen 100s of OE cranks fail { that were not customer faults} If the Engine is installed right and the problem that caused the first Engine to fail is fixed then a SBT or a owner rebuilt Engine will last.
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