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Thread: Basics

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    Hey Guys,
    I'm new here and a first time PWC owner. I had a few basic questions. Sorry if theyre stupid, but I just dont have the answers.

    What do you guys do after you ride? I know I need to flush the motor, and I made a flush kit for the ski. The guy I bought it from said he would spray the entire engine compartment and jet nozzle of the ski with WD-40 after every use. Some of you guys say to use CRC-656. Should I spray down with CRC every time I ride? Can I use CRC once in a while and WD-40 on top of CRC each time I ride?

    How often should I change spark plugs, air filter and the battery?
    What do I spray in the maintenance ports on the engine? (i think there are 2) How often should I do this?

    How do I lube the steering and jet drive?

    I totally feel like I'm missing a ton of things, and I'm kind of nervous. I really wanna take good care of this thing, but I want to make sure I know everything I need to do.

    I know alot of this stuff has been covered other posts, and I'm spending hours everyday pouring over this site, but I am overwhelmed. Thanks for your input!!
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    Re: Basics

    Use the search function or the FAQ at the top of this forum. There are about 10,000 threads on each of the questions you just asked...

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    This is hardly a PWC site, it is a loosely moderated sh*t show with a for sale section, a handfull of PWC enthusiasts, a few hundred people who own jetskis and a few dozen people who like to hear themselves talk.
    This is the internet: Where boys are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents...

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