The Triple Crown of Offshore Race Series

Pictured Alladio with Liquid Militia team mate Chris MacClugage post race-mid channel Pic by Marta Friedenberger

Shawn Alladio #4 TCO
March 28, 2010 – Dana Point California to Catalina Island – 38 miles
Kawasaki Ultra 260X
9th Overall, 1st Mfg. Stock


The Dana Point to Avalon Sprint is the first entry race for the second year series of the prestigious Triple Crown of Offshore. Next stop is the LB2CAT in July. I've been a huge fan of offshore racing since the late 80's. It's great to be a participant in the resurgence of this type of racing getting acquainted with a new generation of racers. The Triple Crown offers the recreational rider an opportunity to test racing without the impact issues of say closed course buoy racing. It's just a different approach. The risk is personal, based more from perception than participation, it’s easier in many ways to the concerns folks may have. It draws out the challenge our character hungers for, and our society is lacking in those engagements. It’s far better than watching a sporting event where others get to participate, this one you can go full circle: Water, Machine, Rider. No other motorsport can offer these transitory opportunities.


I've been competing since 1980 and at my age and experience level, offshore racing is by far the safest. It also brings that competitive edge I desire, where I am competing against my own mindset, not my fellow competitor. The effects of endurance pull something out of your character, this is what it offers me. It's a facet that allows me to build my skills. I appreciate seeing this in the other racers. The trilogy of races shows the level of excellence any given rider wants to give to themselves over three events. It's basically an equalizer, you can do well in all races or a few and still find your best measure. The times and sea states don't lie, its like climbing a ladder. Eventually you get to the top.

TAD Racing, Andy Wise from Texas with Macc Racing, Chris MacClugage


Whatever she wants to deliver, we deal with her gift and it changes while underway. There are 3 facets to the Channel crossing. The near shore coastal route, heading out to deeper water mid channel, and the leeward side of the island, the water conditions diversify and so do fatigue factors. Where you think you are fading, perhaps you are gaining, as the tempo and pace switches up. The elements are the compliment to wanting to work hard on the track. Even though our race track is long and drawn out over miles of water terrain, its what I favor. Suits my nature, and others.

KMG Racing's Dawn Fekete


I am impressed with Dawn Fekete of KMG Racing, a woman who at first wasn't too keen on offshore racing and now she's tackled the fear factor and her racing has become her compliment. I give her high regards for this. Women do not typically give themselves permission, rather they give themselves excuses, but offshore racing elevates our female strengths. Dawn is the example, keep an eye on her. Something about her has changed and it's called confidence. I really admire this in anyone who simply changes their mind and goes forth. Dawn did this flawlessly.

Ross Wallach of RMP Racing Enterprises at the Rider's Meeting Pre Race gathering


I enjoy competing on a stock model craft. I'm fortunate to enjoy the support of Kawasaki. I competed on a 2010 Ultra 260X, it's my favoriate boat and it loves the channel crossings as much as I do. The hull loves deep ocean swells and her weight transfer is easy on forward speed, I feel perfectly suited for the hull. I'm happy when racing on the Ultra, she's an amazing rough water boat. I'm not going to build a race modified offshore craft, its just not in my possibilities. I still maintain an edge racing with the best the world has to offer, its not the podium that matters most to me it’s the effort. Commitment wears many hats, even a loss shows what champions are made of and I do not fear failure, in fact it is quite endearing, it brings out a noble charm that you cannot find if you fracture under pressure.

Bryant Lambert, Chris MacClugage and Shawn Alladio

I'm fortunate to be on several teams. The first one is the entire offshore racing community. There is no division here in my book. Even though we run our individual groups, we run as a family on open water. In all the racing I have experienced over the years the level of comraderie is par excellence in the offshore community. It exists in the TAD racing team who came from Texas, is manifest in the KMG Racing ethics, the Catalina Crew of local legends; each person carries their own team spirit.

Liquid Militia Crew - The Gomez Brothers, Kyla, Ryan, Shawn and Bryant

The K38 Safety team consisting of Pirate (who else?); Russell Libby and Marta Friedenberger all on Kawasaki Ultra LX’s. These folks go a separate distance. They put just as much into the race without the effects of racing, but the stressors of concern for the well being of every competitor and their family.

K38 Crew on Post Op's Pirate, Libby, Brian and Marta getting the job done

Aaron Cress from Dana Point Jet Ski, he goes beyond for not only myself but others. Aaron is my personal Shining Knight. Who is yours? This includes what he does on behalf of my students with my K38 working boats.

Mark Gerner, team leader for the PWCOFFSHORE Race Team, he personifies commitment. Not many people would be capable of a level of peak performance promoting and competing he has transversed for this sport, we are all indebted to his perseverance.

My own Liquid Militia Team supporting the Triple Crown: Kyla Dominguez, Ryan Smith, Bryant Lambert,, the dominant Chris MacClugage, Shinny Shoo, (Pablo The Great). The Folks behind the Liquid Militia Scenes, I get the credit, but don’t necessarily deserve it.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Something all Americans need to be reminded of. Racers need to remind themselves that every selfish moment has others backing the effort, we charge, but without support 'One is None'.

RPM Racing Enterprises and their volunteer staff; now this is where you will discover what unselfish motivation means, the spirit of giving. The families behind those who race, I thank you all for allowing those of us who compete our select ‘Moments of Glory’.

PWCOFFSHORE Race Team Rider, Sean Conner


I extend gratitude to my friend Jay whom texted me mid channel when I was coming back with MacClugage from the race heading homeward bound for Dana Point. The Catalina Crew Team was making a mid channel repair and I checked my phone that was vibrating and found out he had just landed from Iraq from deployment. What a gift! While we are having fun, there are those placing their very lives at risk on our behalf. Jay I thank you for your service to God and Country, for the Flag, for my family and I, for the sacrifices you have made of your own personal freedom. While you are not free to choose your fun, we are celebrating ours, it is no small measure of a man to give up his freedom so I can express my own. What say you everyone? And those brothers and sisters who serve in our Nation's military.

You are not forgotten in our home.


The Challenged Athletes Division - Guts, they have guts most of us cannot fathom, nor want to imagine. David Fekete and Warren Frank, Ryan Levinson, I look up to them, each with their own personal story. These folks push the real envelope. If you want to compete against anyone, these are the men to measure yourself against. Not your horsepower package, but “Heart and Soul’.

Kawasaki, www.pwcoffshore.com, Liquid Militia Clothing, K38 GEAR, Hypnotic Films, Betty Belts, HYDRO-TURF, EXSTA Beverage Company, Fly Racing Products, R&D Racing and the great information our PWCOFFSHORE team receive from TeamMoto.

PWCoffshore.com - Mark Gerner (Pro Am), Robert Carreon (Pro Am), Craig Warner (Pro Am), John Belton (Vet Masters), Shawn Alladio (Mfg. Stock), Sean Conner (Pro Am). Gunz Racers: Mike Arnold (Military), Warren Frank (Challenged)

Shawn Alladio- http://www.liquidmilitia.com/LMteam/alladio.php
Chris MacClugage- http://www.liquidmilitia.com/LMteam/macc.php

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