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Thread: 300sx mods?

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    Re: 300sx mods?

    I'm pretty sure I won't be needing it....

    Did I ever mention that I'm from NY? Just outside Syracuse.

    (Now I'm covered if I need someone up there killed......)

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    Re: 300sx mods?

    I've heard that there is a 500cc head that will bolt straight up the the 300sx bottom end. Any ideas on this?
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    Re: 300sx mods?

    Quote Originally Posted by sportsfreak29 View Post
    I've heard that there is a 500cc head that will bolt straight up the the 300sx bottom end. Any ideas on this?
    Ive never seen one. There were some ramblings about using a KX500 cylinder but that wouldnt work without a LOT of work. Cases would have to be bored, base studs re-arranged, that is if the cases are even large enough. The crank would have to be stroked like 20 some mm. No way to operate the power valves, and having owned a KX500 the power is too peaky and without enough torque for watercraft use, and once you loose the powervalve its even worse. Then you have the issue of the 300 starter clutch that is already weak and probably wouldnt last a day with the larger cylinder. Would also have to block off the crankcase intake. And lots of other crap like an exhaust, cooling routing, etc. Better off sticking a 550 in it.
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