Debris Screens for Intake Grates

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    Debris Screens for Intake Grates

    I have been a boater for over 30 years (yea..I'm a mid-40'ish old fart) I decided to get a sea-doo last year and found a cream-puff 94 XP that is in perfect condition. (had it checked out at dealer and they even marveled at it)

    This is my only problem with ski: Twice now while riding it....I have sucked up limbs\sticks in the intake grate. One limb about 2 feel long wrapped around the drive shaft. and I had to idle back to dock.

    My question is this....Does ANYBODY make some kind of screen to bolt on, over this grate?

    I don't mean a fine mesh screen, I know that would impede water flow. But something like a grate with holes like "chicken wire" (holes about the size of your little finger) That would keep the big stuff (like my limbs) out of the water box. I'm sure it may reduce tops speed, but I rarely ride more than 1/2 throttle (30 to 35 mph tops), so a top speed reduction wouldn't hurt me.

    I have done an intensive search in Google and can not find any such product as this. Does no one make one...or is it harmful, or will it just not work?

    I'm sure it'd have to be fairly thick gauge metal to withstand the suction. I have some left over "gutter guard" (to keep out leaves on home gutters) I'm thinking of cutting a piece to fit and bolting it on.

    Let me know if

    A: would a homemade type of gutter guard bolt on hurt anything? B: Is a precut piece, ready to bolt on, manufactured by anyone?

    Thanks much for any help

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    first, welcome to the boards.
    no one makes a screen like you have described. the stock grate does a good job, you will just have to watch out for floating debris.
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    Re: Debris Screens for Intake Grates

    Wow this is an old thread but since it's so easy to suck up junk I've wondered the same before I even bought my ski. A friend in Australia made one out of a cake cooling rack. Steel you can't bend with one inch square holes, ziptied on. So far so good. I'm planning on doing similar.
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