Folks, there are significant swell projections likely to hit the central Cali coast and fan out down to the Socal Coastal areas, missing some of the 'shadow of the islands' for the next week and potenially aftewards as well.

These are just a few reminders and do not encompass everything that should be considered. You are required to carry all Federal, State and local recommended and required safety gear on board your PWC and your apparel needs.

Please pay attention to small boat advisories or warnings posted at the harbors or on the internet. Check in with your harbormaster first or local lifeguard/sheriff boating unit prior to launching.

Do not place an unseaworthy vessel into the ocean during significant swells. A gentlemen aged 45 in France died on December 6th when his PWC died, and he was washed into the surf and rocks. He lost his PWC and his life, leaving behind a family with 3 children. He went out to test his PWC with his brother and I am sure never expected to have any problems.

You break down, you are going to drift fast in current and high winds, take notice of the shoreline around you or open water you are heading into.

There are projected high winds and a cold front moving in as well, thermal layer up for hypothermia and wind chill/exposure.

A cell phone will do you no good in the water, with wind, spray and water movement, it will die. Do not rely solely on a cell phone. You need a Locator, waterproof marine band radio and a GPS, MINIMUM.

Double and triple check all your communications and emergency gear. Make sure your communications are fastened to your 'person', not stored in your pwc.

And for goodness sakes do not boat alone. Use the buddy system and let somebody know where you are going and when you are expected to return.

If a harbor has closed their harbormouth (jaws) down, do not sneak out.

Now is a good time to consider purchasing a SPOT locator and to have it fastened in a way you cannot lose it from your person. (the clip will fail, I have lost them). Use a secondary safety attachement, such as a small waterproof bag. Know how to use it.

Watch your time out as riding in rough conditions can create opportunities for injuries. Boat failure may not be responsed by Sea Tow or emergency services if you are in conditions that are beyond safe deployment levels. Do not place rescuers lives on the line.

Fuel consumption will go down in high swell and you can snap your tow line if it is not strength rated. I use 4,000 lb. rated line and I carry 4 on board.

Do not boat close to dark, if you have a problem you are done for. Come in several hours before sunset for safety sake during high weather alerts.

Heavy water and wind conditions will require of you a higher level of physical fitness.

Know before you go.....