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    Hellwoman Moderator
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    Thanksgiving 2009


    On Thursday we celebrate the symbolism of our forebears coming to America, trying to survive, befriending the Indian Nations (or perhaps they befriended us), using their information and lifestyle information to help us get started in the New World, and eventually taking their freedoms and lifestyles as they knew it away from them over time.

    I contemplate the History of this nation in a real sense, not the designed one that is plastic in so many ways. Yet the strong in the moment shall overpower the weaker, even disease, natural events, and emotions can take us down. I contemplate how my family came to this Country seeking a new world, a new of life from opporession, imperialism and a hope for future generations. This hope has not changed much, nor the problems, however this is how I eventually came to be born here. I am one of the fortunate.

    The most important thing I take away from this National Holiday is how we treat one another. I believe this holiday of Thanksgiving should serve as a daily reminder beyond the habitual coming together and feasting, but it shoudl serve as a reminder of what does matter in your life.

    I am thankful for our military families and those who are serving. I have many loved ones now in the Middle East on deployment and I shall miss them on all the holidays coming up. And for our Veterans who have served before, those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice of their very life. Not being able to see or create families, children, parents, or fulfill their lifelong dreams, yet I still have time to do so. For all the victims of violence and those who are in ill health and struggling against diseases, I am thankful that I am healthy today.

    For me, my values are God, Health, Family, and all of these require love and forgiveness. I am a wretch, yet I am thankful, for things I can define, they are important to me.

    So often we lose sight of values, important and relevant truths and accountabilities as we are mired down in our stressors of life. We do need to readjust our perspective and find the jewels of gratitude. This should be a powerful day of reminders.

    I hope that you notice the sounds of birds, the leaves dancing in the wind, your loved ones voice and laughter, smile a lot more yourself, be thankful for your health, the work you have to provide for yourself or others, be kind when you fail, generous when you succeed, and steady as she goes with each step in life.

    If you have forgotten about something you are greatful for, remind yourself what that is.

    I am thankful to be an American, regardless of the economy, politics and disagreements, I am thankful to be living in this country. Prayers to all.

    Shawn & Family

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    Hellwoman Moderator
    Shawn Alladio's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Mind Sweep

    Re: Thanksgiving 2009

    Here is a great post from Ed Brenegar:

    Mutual Gratitude
    As US residents prepare for a Thanksgiving gathering of family and friends, I gentle reminder about what giving thanks means.

    It isn't about you or me.

    The purpose of giving thanks is not primarily to make us feel better. It may do that, but that isn't the purpose. If we are to feel anything, it is humility for appreciating and recognizing the gifts and impact of other people upon our lives.

    A well stated expression of gratitude should honor the person whom you are recognizing.

    If you are at you in-laws house, like I will be tomorrow, tossing out a glib thank you only shows your insincerity. It is better to say nothing than be insincere in expressing thanks.

    Being sincere in expressing thanks demands that we look deeply into the effort and thought, and the effect of another person's actions.
    Expressing thanks humbly and sincerely has the potential for transforming the relationship. When it does, then the expression of thanks becomes mutual. This is the ultimate goal of thanksgiving.

    Mutual gratitude is the shared recognition that our relationship matters to one another and that we are grateful for the other person's impact upon our life.
    The more specific you can be in expressing thanks, the more likely it will be that a mutual return of thanks will be offered.

    May our hearts be filled with gratitude for the recognition of the goodness that comes to us through other people.


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