Newbe looking to buy a ski or two with a couple (well, lots) of questions - pt1

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    Question Newbe looking to buy a ski or two with a couple (well, lots) of questions - pt1

    Aloha from the great state of Hawaii and happy Veterans Day!

    During my weeks of research (around my work sched), this forum is by far the best. With many experienced riders looking to share their knowledge and love of the sport with us newbies vs. maintaining rude elitist attitudes. Many thanks in advance!!!! =8)

    Background: I have much experience sailing above and below the waves with only a limited, but incredibly addicting experience riding skis. So now I must have at least one if not two skis* to scratch the itch and join this exciting, friendly community. *As always pending the money….

    Riding location and style -- Living in Hawaii, so the main (well, only area to ride is the ocean). Mainly recreational – catching some air, going fast, and towing the kids (under 10) on 2-3 person. Don’t expect to do much river/lake riding should I move back to the mainland, I have the sea in my veins! LOL.

    Looking at getting into Endurance racing and rescue patrols.

    THE SKIS (couches) - I am looking at are:
    • FX SHO
    • FX Cruiser SHO
    • FX Cruiser HO
    • VX Cruiser HO

    • STX-15
    • ULTRA LX
    • ULTRA 260X
    • ULTRA 260LX

    My main questions are for the following items:

    NEW vs USED
    1. Supercharged vs. Non-supercharge
    a. Top speed
    b. “Out of the gate” speed
    c. Power vs. added weight
    d. Fuel economy
    2. New vs Used
    a. What to look for in used skis so prevent expensive repairs in the short term
    3. Break-in procedures
    a. Best practice
    1. Maintenance requirements
    a. Reliability/durability – quality craftsmanship
    b. Who has the least required maintenance to keep the ski water ready?
    2. Fuel economy – not looking for full scientific analysis, unless you happen to have it!
    a. Distance at top speed
    b. Distance at best cruising speed
    c. Power reducing features to increase fuel economy
    d. Fuel tank size capacity – dependent on riding style gallon per hour as defined as full throttle – all out, all the time, heavy riding – jumping, turning, pushing it, moderate – towing and lighter version than under heavy, cruising, light
    i. Does it last all day?
    3. Storage (onboard) - How much is enough? and wet/dry?
    4. Better ride: Wet vs. dry ride
    5. Handling in surf / stability

    Thanks for enduring the long post, subsequent posts will be broken up for ease of reading. If there is a better way to do this vs. multiple posts, please let me know as this is my first post.

    and a little after a day on the water!

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    Re: Newbe looking to buy a ski or two with a couple (well, lots) of questions - pt1

    Dude, it's a 9 years old post

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