Santa Clara Water District screwed up

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    Nov 2002
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    Santa Clara Water District screwed up

    I couldn't find the previous thread on the topic of reopening Anderson Reservoir to PWC and restricting Calero to CARB approved PWC. The facts are that there was a hearing on 5/24 to discuss the REOPENING of a reservoir in the San Jose, Ca. area to PWC use and restricting carburated PWC from both it (Anderson) and Calero, where currently no restrictions exist except the number of boats.

    Well, Bay area PWC riders got organized and turned out in sufficient numbers to cause the authorities to delay action. The riders maintained, reasonably enough, that since there were no more MTBE concerns, ANY PWC should be allowed, esp. since ANY boat was already allowed. Fine, so the decision was delayed for more study.

    The result: NO PWC currently allowed at Anderson, and the daily limits on numbers of boats continues at Calero.

    AND Blue Water Network is now jumping into the issue and demanding a ban on ALL PWC at both reservoirs.

    So here is what is going to happen - UNLESS that same vocal group of PWC riders doubles their efforts.

    PWC will be permanently banned from Anderson and Calero because the County Supervisors will not have the backbone to tell BWN to kiss off.

    So now that the vocal group of old tech riders has opened their mouths and the door for BWN by stalling the process, they had better get their butts organized and get SOME PWC back on Anderson and keep Calero open to somebody.

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    Nov 2002
    Corona, In the Golden State
    BWN says:

    Urge Santa Clara County, California not to lift a ban on jet skis on Anderson and Calero reservoirs!
    What you can do:

    Please send a letter to Lisa Killough, Director of the Santa Clara county parks department and tell her that you support the continued ban on jetski operation including jetskis with so-called cleaner and quieter engines.

    Please send your comments today.


    Anderson Reservoir, a seven-mile long, 1,250 surface acre lake, provides opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Calero reservoir, which represents the heart of Calero County Park, provides similar opportunities for low impact recreation. Jetskis have been banned on these two reservoirs for years and are some of the only jetski-free waters for miles around.

    The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department is considering lifting a jetski ban on Anderson and Calero reservoirs. Why? We aren’t really sure. The best we can figure is that the county now believes that the jetski industry has sufficiently cleaned up its engines to allow the thrillcraft. Unfortunately, the county is overlooking the machines’ dreadful safety record, damaging effects on fish and wildlife, persistent noise, and negative impacts on visitor’s experiences.


    Comments containing personal experiences with jetskis and how these machines negatively impact your preferred use of waterways will carry more weight with the county. So, please add your own thoughts at the start of the letter.

    With your help we are making the difference!

    -Bluewater Network

    Ms. Lisa Killough

    Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Dept.

    298 Garden Hill Dr.

    Los Gatos, CA 95032

    RE: Jetski Bans on Anderson and Calero Reservoirs

    Dear Ms. Killough:

    (Add your personal comments above. They will appear at start of letter)

    Recent research has shown that jetskis, even with so-called “cleaner and quieter? technology, represent a major threat to the environment and wildlife. I do not support jetski operation on Anderson and/or Calero reservoirs and urge Santa Clara County to maintain the current jetski bans.

    Reopening these lakes to jetskis would significantly impact public health and safety, threaten wildlife, as well as diminish the experience of non-jetski riders. Moreover, if the lakes are no longer jetski free, countless passive recreational users would be forced to reconsider any future trips to these county parks.

    Reopening these lakes to “cleaner and quieter? machines would likely require a significant commitment of the county’s enforcement resources. As evidenced by regulations such as those in place at Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, a complete PWC ban is far easier and cheaper to enforce.

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    stk racer


    as of 5 minutes ago (when i called a friend down there at calero, there are NO RESTRICTIONS for jetskiers. 2 stock AND 4 stroke and if you have a 1 stroke (if they make that, but you get the point) are allowed on the lake. the ONLY RESTRICTION is that the lake is restricted to 80 boats on the lake at a time. a jetski counts as a boat.

    70 boats
    means 10 jetski (boats) allowed

    50 boats
    means 30 jetski (boats) allowed

    and better... 80 jetskis means we all have fun..

    look out for next years 2005 jet ski race at calero, well that is if and only if BWN doesn't take it away, lets all do out part to help the AWA and the other groups and individuals that supported us to ride there before.


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    Where's the "new" PWIA???? They should be attending these meetings!!!

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    PWCToday Guru
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    Nov 2002
    Corona, In the Golden State
    It's the AWA, not PWIA. They are in the Washington DC area. PWIA had corresponded with the water district, advising them that their plan to allow CARB compliant PWC at Anderson and Calero was acceptable.

    Then the local guys with carbureted boats complained and that stalled the process. The carburator guys were asking for access to all three reservoirs, instead of just the one that they would have ended up with under the proposed plan.

    The result is there in NO PWC access to the one lake, access limited by the overall number of boats on the second lake and unlimited access on the third.

    Oh, and BWN now has had time to catch up and has launched an effort to close #1 and #2 completely. If the PWIA supported plan had been accepted, there would be PWC on all three lakes today. Now there is a strong possibility of PWC allowed only on lake #3.

    As I said earlier, I predict the County Supervisors will cave in to BWN unless the local guys redouble their efforts AND adopt a more compromising attitude.

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    Isn't watercraft pollution mostly an issue of AIR quality anyways? Those reservoirs were made by man and should be enjoyed by man (and babes). Anderson's the nicest of the three by far and should be the one we really fight for. If old style 2-strokes can't ride it then all other powered boats should get off it as well. I'm surprised that the ban was never legally challenged before because the reasoning and obvious double standard behind it is a crock. Anyhow, if there are any public hearings on this issue, I'd like to know about them so I can drive up and attend. I'll try to drag my lawyer wife along as well to sniff out the BS and keep me from going off half-****ed.

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    Nov 2001
    So Cal

    As we discussed, this is a MUCH more complicated issues than meet s the eye. Would it be helpful if I arranged for a teleconfrence with the parties who protested, so we can help them get organized to win thie case? I have access to a toll-free "Meet Me" line. I think it would be very beneficial for them to have your input.

    Guys - John knows his chit. He's been playing with the big dogs for years now and is our best bet for help.

    What do you say?


    Piggyback rides are my preferred mode of transportation

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    I'd definately like to hear why it's a more complicated issue than meets the eye. As far as I'm concerned allow all boats, allow all PWC should be the policy. Kick PWC out and boats should be forced off too. Anyhow, I'll gladly listen to whatever the folks who have been fighting this have to say. I'm completely new to the sport and just want a nice lake close by that I can ride. Coyote's the closest to me, then Anderson (Anderson probably the shorter drive time wise). Coyote's so small I'd really prefer Anderson. Right now it's looking like San Luis reservoir is going to be my friend but Pacheco Pass is going to kill my tow vehicle. And the winter wind and waves on San Luis will probably kill ME too.

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