1st Recon Battalion Marine 'Box Drive'

Please join me as representatives of our PWC community, in supporting this valuable USMC Recon Platoon. These men have been training diligently for over a year and have made many personal sacrifices to get 'their job done'. While we are enjoying our comfortable lifestyles -they are going a distance that many of us are not aware of, but can appreciate by showing our support in small measures, such as participating in a 'Box Drive'.

Recon Appreciation Day in May 2009-A few of the Devil Dawgs

25 Recon Marines will be deployed on September 14th to Afghanistan for roughly a period of 8 months. Your partnership in this 'box drive' will require of you the following:

1. Minimum 3 Boxes sent. However you can send as many as you like beyond the mandatory '3'.

2. October, November and December (arrives for Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year's

3. Once on board you will be assigned the namesake of a Marine in this platoon and you will be able to mail direct a USPS box that costs approximately $10.50 to mail and has no weight rating applied. Instructions will be given for proper packaging policies. Address will be given upon acceptance of participation.

4. The first box needs to be sent by September 20th.

The items requested are as follows:

1. Electronic Computer Games

2. Used/New Military books

3. Magazines covering 'weapons, current affairs or news

4. Music: R&B, RAP, Hip-Hop, Country or Metal - CD or iPod/MP3

5. Food and Candy (non perishable)

6. T-shirts Size Large and XL

7. DVD Movies - Military and Comedy

*No pornography, flammables or alcohol

This is a worthy project and I am sure you will be honored to support such great men who serve our nation and place their lives and future literally 'on the line for us'. It is a small measure to show appreciation for their sacrifices and keep their families in your prayers.

Yours in Water Safety-

Shawn Alladio

Conatact email: K38rescue@aol.com