Ultra 150 not reaching full RPM's, only 3100rpm

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    Ultra 150 not reaching full RPM's, only 3100rpm

    2000 Ultra which I just bought was pretty much completely redone and has not been run in about a year. I changed plugs, added fresh gas and even tried carb cleaner as well as running with flame arrestor off to see if more air would help.....here is the issue. I bit of a hard start when cold but once running will idle fine. In the driveway, hooked up to water it will turn about 8000rpms but once I put it in the water and try to use it I can only get 3100 maybe 3200rpms at best.

    It's not the overheating sensor as I unplugged it and it made no difference, carb cleaner did not work, choke is off when running and no matter what I can thin of or do I only get 3100rpm. Once on the trailer and out of water it will reach 8000rpms.

    What could be the issue? Fuel problem? Bad/clogged carb or fuel pump?? I do think all 3 cylinders are firing...compression is 116, 120, 120


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    Re: Ultra 150 not reaching full RPM's, only 3100rpm

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