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    resident guru shawnIII's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    this guy is pretty good

    Last edited by shawnIII; 07-25-2009 at 12:06 AM.

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    Vancouver Washington , USA !

    Re: this guy is pretty good

    Glenn Beck really does expose Obama and what he is really up to , and it's all about power , the government's take over of the private sector, running everything,

    Obama getting even with those evil rich people that have made our country great ! just take a look at all the zar's he has put in that do not answer to anyone but Obama, crazy !

    he is trying to run this country like a dictator , the only problem is people are waking up to what this punk is up to ,

    all of a sudden Obama's approval rating has dropped like a rock, word is spreading like wild fire from all the conservatives and independents warning about what he is really up to , and now even the middle of the road Democrats are thinking -wait a minute this guy is going way to far ! and to far to fast !
    Last edited by Super Pro; 07-25-2009 at 01:42 AM.
    1987 pro x2 western united states champion overall, 1991 california pro freestyle champion, 2006 region 3 sport class champion using an x2!! against the blaster an hx , Dan "Holditonhanson" the first and last of the old school pro x2 mohicans !!

    x2 mod 800 Stroker race !
    X2 Mod freestyle !
    Lamey 1200pluscc Mod Raider old school
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    SXR 951 race ski testing video

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home
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    Nov 2001
    I can hold up my hand and point to where I live. Can you?

    Re: this guy is pretty good

    god bless glenn beck
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home
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    Feb 2009

    Re: this guy is pretty good

    I always like listening to these beck and limbaugh. Yeah they are a bit biased on the conservative end but in my opinion they are less biased and put out far more straightforward info then the rest of the media.
    Yes, i don't spell check or grammar check and i make frequent grammatical errors. If anyone wants to tell me that why don't you just bite your tounge. Were on here to share our knowledge of the great invention that is the jet watercrafts and lets keep it to that!!

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