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    triton trailer tail light replacement

    How do i do it. Nothing in my owners manual, cant find anything online. Dont want to go removing things incase the rubber seals shouldnt be messed with. They are set into the frame with rubber surrounding the edges. Can I just change the bulb or is it a whole insert?

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    Re: triton trailer tail light replacement

    Hello. First just take it apart, the rubber seam will be ok, and lets water in anyways. Take a look for problems, often it is just the bulb, but sometimes all the metal is rusted away. Redo any of the connections you may need, soldering is preferable, but if you dont want to do that (its easy) just twist the wires, use a little dielectric grease, and shrinkwrap the joint...

    you will need, a heatgun, shrinkwrap, dielectric grease, connectors (i dont usually use them) soldering iron/solder/flux and some replacement bulbs. If the whole thing is rusted and damaged just get a new "universal tail light kit (preferably LED)...and install that...

    The wires should be color coded, but if there is any confusion just try - it wont damage anything. If your trailer is anything but aluminum (for aluminum you it will have ground wires) there will be 2 wires to each tail light, and the bolts will be your ground. Make sure the bolts have a good connection and a little dielectric grease helps...

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