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    how to register my jetski with no title, MD, HELP??

    hey everyone, i just picked up a new ski, and it didnt come with a title, the ski came from ny, but im located in annapolis maryland and need to get this ski registered. he gave me previous registration and a bill of sale signed by him. now im pretty sure, but not positive this is enough to register my ski right? i thought i could bring in the previous registration and bill of sale by the last previous owner who registered it and i can get the ski legally registered. so before i go in i just want to make sure im right, i tried looking on the sight but didnt find an answer.

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    Re: how to register my jetski with no title, MD, HELP??

    I was looking at a ski last winter that didn't have a title and after reading and re-reading MDs DNR site and searching on this site, I decided it probably wasn't worth the hassle or that I wouldn't get very far. That was a ski here in the state. I'm not so sure about out of state.

    I would suggest calling DNR and explaining your situation and documentation.

    I had a similar problem with my trailer out of NJ. Grant you, trailers fall under MVA, not DNR, but the Maryland way of handling it may work out the same. I find MD likes to have a paper trail of where your ski came from. When I got my trailer reg'd I personally showed the supervisor at MVA all my documentation showing that the sale and ownership was legitimate. With a civil tongue and a little modesty, they signed off on my documentation and gave me my title and tags.

    MD should have some sort of transfer protocol for out of state vessels. You may have to get in contact with the seller for additional documentation. I was fortunate enough that the seller of my trailer was very helpful and cooperative. I suppose now would be a good time to give props to JETRIDER946 for being a great seller who went the extra mile to help me out.

    Good luck.
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    Re: how to register my jetski with no title, MD, HELP??

    Some states don't carry titles on older stuff. If N.Y. is one of those states, then you should be OK.
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    Re: how to register my jetski with no title, MD, HELP??

    You'll be fine. All you need is the old registration and a notarized bill of sale. As Laserman said some states don't title skis. The registration card is what they use instead.
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