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    Re: Propane powered ski ?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Mechancial fuel injection was used on some 57 chevy's with the 283 motor. So yes it has been around for 50 years.

    A lot different today with pc's controlling everything.

    i was refering to propane or lpg injection not fuel.

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    Re: Propane powered ski ?

    Quote Originally Posted by pbrstreetgang View Post
    Hey, thats what they said about indoor plumbing too !!!
    No they didn't. THAT was a good idea.
    It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. I am not a big man.

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    Re: Propane powered ski ?

    Just bought one of these today.
    Why not on a jetski ,now gas prices are going higher every day.
    Cialis, it does a body wood.


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    Re: Propane powered ski ?

    stumbled on this thread searching re my 701 issues. LPG/Propane is higher octane (depending on mix/country etc around 110RON, not sure what that is in US MON but our premium petrol is 95RON and normal ULP is 91 for example). So LPG has higher potential to make more power. Yes it has around 30% less energy than per mass, but so does E85, and this is another alternate fuel known to achieve noticable better power than Petrol. You just have to use a bit more of it to make the same power (around 20% with modern liquid injected system if setup/tuned right)
    Obviously the engine has to be setup to achieve best results (higher compression is best) but advanced timing and tuning.
    LPG is quite popular here in Aust. at 63cents per litre vs $1.50- 1.60 for PULP is massively cheaper. An example my turbo 6cyl runs PULP & LPG with custom tuning. At 10PSI it gets 390rwhp, on PULP its 342hp at the same boost + 1/2 the cost to run.

    For a ski it's no practical, you can't just carry extra fuel with you top up, you have a fuel vessel that's not all that suited to fit in a ski etc. Possitives though you'd have a 100% sealed fuel system and you'd never have to worry about getting water in your fuel. haha.

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    Re: Propane powered ski ?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Does anybody know if a Propane powered ski has ever been built ? Or modified to run on propane ?

    Propane runs much cleaner than gasoline and the engine would last much longer.

    The refueling would be a little more tricky though.

    A really old thread but wanted to post this since I've seen no one doing the Jetski conversion to LPG
    I have a VX110 Sport running on LPG (Propane)
    No differences in performance (maybe a bit more power when idling on propane)
    Conversion was very simple using Vialle's LSI liquid injection system
    Which means it's not running on LPG vapors but liquid LPG (Propane)
    If anyone wants to see the process, reply

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