2009 United Warrior Personal Watercraft Freedom Ride

PWC Freedom Riders raise funds on behalf of the United Warrior Survivor Foundation

Dates: September 11-12, 2009

Locations: Los Angeles Port, to San Diego Harbor, California USA

On behalf of United Warrior Survivor Foundation, the United Warrior PWC Freedom Riders will launch from Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro and ride south to the Naval Amphibious base located on Coronado Island, California, and back again. The open ocean ride of 280 miles along the California Coastline will be a memorial fundraiser on behalf of UWSF surviving spouses of our fallen Special Operations Warriors since 9-11.

The United Warrior PWC Freedom Ride commences on September 11, 2009. On the anniversary of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks against our nation. We Will Never Forget.

The United Warrior PWC Freedom Riders on September 11th will complete the final course and safety checks in Los Angeles, CA at Cabrillo Beach. Freedom Riders on personal watercraft (PWC) will make the trek on September 12th at 6:30am departing the safety of the Angelís Gate from the Los Angles Port heading offshore into the Pacific Ocean. Refueling stops will be tasked at select marinas along the southern coastal route. Support teams will be at select checkpoints. The ride can be tracked online throughout the day.

The United Warrior PWC Freedom Ride will stop at the Glorietta Bay boat launch deep inside the San Diego Harbor in the early afternoon. The group will then refuel and head back to San Pedro California. The turnaround point under the blue steel support beams of the Coronado Bay Bridge will symbolize the memorial ride. The Coronado Bay bridge arched supports is a local landmark off the Naval Amphibious base where Special Forces warriors train. K38 Water Safety first began training USMC Recon Marines here in 1996 and enjoys this honor to date with other divisions.

The United Warrior PWC Freedom Riders are American Watercraft Association (AWA) H2O Responder Members. These UWSF supporters are experienced PWCoffshore Endurance Riders. Each rider and vessel is fitted with safety equipment. They have extensive navigational skills operating in the Southern California coastal waters in all seasonal conditions.

Their fundraising efforts begin on June 18th. These riders support their individual expenses and pilot their own Personal Watercraft. The initial fundraiser campaign has launched with a $2,000 charitable contribution to UWSF. Please support us in our goal of reaching $25,000 on behalf of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

How can you support the UWSF PWC Freedom Ride?
Sponsor a charitable donation on behalf of the PWC Freedom Riders by making a financial contribution to the non-profit UWSF. Follow this link: http://www.UWSF.org

About the United Warrior Survivor Foundation (UWSF)
The United Warrior Survivor Foundation is the only organization exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of the surviving spouses of Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps Special Operations personnel killed in the line of duty since September 11, 2001.
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Mike Arnold
United States Marine Corps retired from active duty service after twenty years. A ground pounder by trade, Mike started out as a 0311 Infantryman, worked through the ranks and served as an 8511 Drill Instructor, Senior Drill Instructor and a 0369 Infantry Platoon Sergeant. Served: MCRD SD, ITS, Marine BKS Subic Bay,STA 2/7, H Co. MCT, 2/3 Eco. Kaneohe Bay, WFTBN D range, PMI, MCRD SD Drill Instructor/Senior Drill Instructor Hco, 1/1 CAAT PLt Sgt, NCO School Drill Master, 1/1 Bco Wpns PLt. Sgt.(combat tour), and Assistant Marine Officer Instructor at the University of Southern California.

Russell Libby
Former United States Marine Corps LCPL, HMM-268 39th MAG, 3rd MAW. 1986-1990. Itís an honor to have the opportunity to show my support on behalf of the United Warrior Survivor Foundation on our PWC Freedom Ride. ĎYou have not been forgotten, and we will never forget.í

Mark Gerner
Mark is founder of the PWCoffshore.com Endurance Champions Race team. A former United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer (0302), Veteran of Operation Desert Shield & Storm and highly skilled endurance champion racer.

Shawn Alladio
Personal Watercraft Boating Instructor for public safety agencies and special waterborne divisions of the US Army, USMC, USAF, US Navy and USCG. Founder of the K38 Way of Training that is represented in 14 countries worldwide. AWA H2O Responder program director, NSBC Instructor and Professional PWC Racer since 1989

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United Warrior PWC Freedom Rider Main Supporters

K38 Water Safety provides boating safety instruction to agencies such as fire rescue, law enforcement, lifesaving and special waterborne divisions of our nationís military se www.K38WaterSafety.com

American Watercraft Association (AWA)
National associate body for personal watercraft enthusiasts, members receive the award winning RIDE Magazine. Home of the AWA H2O Responders: www.AWAhq.org

Liquid Militia Clothing action sports apparel for active water sports enthusiasts:

PWCoffshore.com home of the Pro endurance race team and Gunz Racers for PWC offshore
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UWSF Contact: Kelly Chott - UWSF Executive Director
(619) 437-1137 Office
(413) 677-1143 Fax
Homepage: www.UWSF.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/UWSF
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2009 UWSF PWC Freedom Rider Supporters: PWCoffshore.com, AWA, Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA, Liquid Militia Clothing, OTB Boots, Mustang Survival, Hydro Turf, K38 GEAR, quakeysense, Yamaha Motors Corporation USA, SocalWatercraftclub.com, Watercraft World Magazine, IJSBA, RIDE Magazine, www.K38WaterSafety.com, www.DavidPuu.com , Fly Racing, R&D, Bombardier Sea Doo, Hot Products USA, K38 rescue