B1 Coffman Exhaust info. ?

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    Question B1 Coffman Exhaust info. ?

    Does any one have the instruction manaul and spec sheet for the grey coffman exhaust for a B1 waveblaster ?

    I would like to know what the power increase is with this pipe and how the water cooling lines are routed.

    I have to use this exhaust untell I buy the manifold and B headpipe for my Factory Limited B Pipe exhaust.

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    1994 B1 WaveBlaster

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    Re: B1 Coffman Exhaust info. ?

    I have the same pipe on my ski.

    Here is some info I found, It is close, but not exact. Best thing to do is call them

    "Lightning Series" Superjet 701 Exhaust System
    The following parts are mandatory to run with the "Lightning Series" Superjet exhaust system from Coffman's.
    1. Aftermarket rev limiter
    2. If running a superstock motor, it is necessary to run dual cooling lines.
    Parts Included
    1ea. Chamber Body 3ea. 1/8 x 3/8 90 degree brass fitting
    1ea. Cast Exhaust Manifold 1ea. 1/8 x 1/4 straight brass fitting with
    1ea. Rubber Mount (installed on manifold) 150 main jet installed (on pipe)
    1ea. 5/8 x 1 1/2 steel sleeve (installed on manifold) 4ea. 8mm flat washers
    1ea. 3/8 x 3" stainless bolt (installed on manifold) 4ea. 8mm x 20mm bolts
    1ea. 3/8 x 1 1/2" flat washer (installed on manifold) 1ea. 1/8" Brass Pipe Plug
    1ea. 5/8 x 1 3/4" flat washer (installed on manifold) 2ea. 70-90 Norma Clamp
    1ea. 3/8 x 3/4 flat washer (installed on manifold) 1ea. 3" x 1 3/4" silicone coupler
    1ea. 3/8 nylon lock not (installed on manifold-DO NOT SUBSTITUTE THIS LOCK NUT!!!)
    1ea. 1/8 x 1/4 90 degree brass fitting (on manifold) 1ea. exhaust manifold gasket
    1ea. 1/4 x 3/8 90 degree brass fitting (on manifold) 1ea. 3/8 x 3/8 x 3/8 plastic "T" fitting
    2ea. 8mm x 15mm bolts (on manifold) 1ea. 3/8 x 1/4 x 3/8 plastic "T" fitting
    2ea. 8mm flat washers (on manifold) 2ea. 3/8 x 7" waterline
    1ea. 3/8 water bypass 2ea. 3/8 x 25" waterline
    12ea. 3/8" clamps 1ea. 3/8 x 14" waterline
    Decals 1ea. 1/4 x 5" waterline
    1ea. 3/8 x 22" waterline
    Installation Instructions
    Installing the exhaust manifold
    1. Remove stock exhaust system and bracket to head.
    2. Remove stock exhaust hose to waterbox and measure from the beginning of the waterbox end of hose to the outside bend of the hose and measure 13"Cut and reinstall onto waterbox.
    3. Clean exhaust flange on cylinder from all used gasket material.
    4. At this time, refer to the water diagram drawing to decide if you are going to run water injection. If not, remove the 1/4" 90 degree brass fitting (installed on the exhaust manifold) and replace with the 1/8" brass pipe plug (supplied). VERY IMPORTANT!! If you decide to run water injection, hook up a 1/4" x 18" waterline (not supplied) to the 1/4" 90 degree brass fitting on exhaust manifold to the water injection solenoid. PLEASE REFER TO THE SEPARATE WATERLINE DIAGRAM FOR RUNNING THE ELECTRONIC WATER INJECTION.
    5. Take the exhaust manifold gasket and smear a small amount of gasket sealant (NOT SILICONE) on it.
    6. Install gasket on the cylinder with the two(2) 8mm x 20mm bolts and washers (supplied) to the two LOWER CENTER bolt holes on cylinder as well as install one of the stock bolts to the bottom left hand corner of exhaust manifold. Leave approx. 1/2" space between cylinder and washer surface.
    7. Slide the exhaust manifold onto the cylinder making sure that you do not push the exhaust gasket.
    8. Install the two (2) 8mm x 20 bolts and washers (supplied) onto the center top portion of the exhaust manifold.
    9. Install the remaining stock bolts into exhaust manifold and tighten evenly from the center out.
    Note: You will need to grind a 13mm wrench down in order to tighten the center bolts, and also need to grind a 12mm wrench to adapt to the corner stock bolt.
    10. Install the incoming waterline to the exhaust manifold.
    11. Install a 3/8" "T" fitting (NOT SUPPLIED) into this incoming waterline if you are going to run electronic water injection. (Note: The stem part of the "T" goes to the solenoid)
    Installing the chamber body
    1. Remove the nylon lock nut and flat washer that is located on the rubber mount on exhaust manifold.
    2. Install the chamber body onto the exhaust manifold (WITHOUT THE 3" SILICONE HOSE INSTALLED) and align the hose to the waterbox onto the chamber body, making sure you have clearance from the head (depending on what head you run, you may have to dent the pipe or modify your head to clear. If you are running the stock head, you should have plenty of clearance).
    3. Remove the chamber body from the ski.
    4. Install the 3" x 1 3/4" silicone hose (installed) onto chamber body, pushing the silicone hose on til it is flush with the end of the exhaust chamber at this time.
    5. Take the two (2) 70-90 hose clamps (supplied) and slide over the 3" silicone hose.
    6. Reinstall the chamber body into the ski aligning the mount and the waterbox hose.
    7. Standing on the opposite side of hull that the chamber body is closest to, take the 3/8" nyloc nut and washer in your left hand and reach beside the chamber body on the rear portion of pipe while pushing up with your right hand the bolt attached to the exhaust manifold and mount and tighten down nyloc nut and washer to bolt. Tighten with wrench.
    8. Push the 3" silicone coupler back onto the exhaust manifold so that it is now flush on the exhaust manifold. (This should now be evenly spaced on both the pipe and exhaust manifold at this point). Tighten with the 70-90 hose clamps.
    9. Tighten the hose from the chamber body to the waterbox using the stock clamps.
    10. At this point, the pipe should be fully mounted in your Superjet. Check again that you have clearance at all points and have all appropriate hose clamps tightened.
    Installation of waterlines
    We have assembled waterlines as follows. You will need to install hose clamps at all points including where they are assembled to the "T" fittings.
    A. 3/8 x 7" x 3/8 x 24" x 3/8 x 7" (connected onto T-Fitting)
    B.. 3/8 x 14" x 1/4 x 5" x 3/8 x 22" (connected to T-Fitting)
    1. Starting from the rear outlet on the head, install the 3/8 x 7" waterline("A" line) and the other 3/8" x 7" waterline to the 90 degree brass fitting on chamber body closest to the 3" silicone coupler. The 3/8 x 24" waterline will lead to the 90 degree brass fitting on the stinger portion of the expansion chamber. (Remember to install the hose clamps at all points!)
    2. Starting from the 90 degree brass fitting on top of the chamber body, install the 3/8 x 14" waterline ("B" line). Take the 3/8 x 22" waterline and lead to your STOCK bypass leading out of the boat. Take the 1/4 x 5" waterline and install on the 1/4" brass fitting (with the 150 main jet installed) on tail stinger of expansion chamber.
    3. From the outlet on the front of the head, lead the 3/8 x 25" waterline to the Coffman bypass (supplied with your system)
    4. Once again, make sure that all hose clamps are in place and secured.
    Water Injection
    If you decide that you want to run electronic water injection with the "Lightning Series" Coffman Superjet dry pipe, you will want it to turn on from 1000-2000 "On" and from 5000-6000 "Off".
    Prop Suggestions
    Limited applications: 14-18 Solas Concord Prop (Further testing with other manufacturers props are in progress)

    Electronic Water Injection
    Should you decide to run electronic water injection with this exhaust system, it can be ordered direct from Coffman's Exhaust. Please specify model of ski and "Lightning Series" exhaust when ordering.
    Most of the testing done at our facility were done on limited to modified boats, and jetting varied depending upon the application. It is suggested be cautious with jetting prior to running full throttle. If you are not familiar with jetting your carbs, it is strongly reccommended to bring it to a tuning professional.
    Note from the manufacturer
    We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for purchasing the new "Lightning Series" Superjet dry pipe. For close to 30 years, we have been manufacturing high performance parts for the motorcycle/ATV and personal watercraft marketplace. Your support has helped us achieve what we are today, and for that we are sincerely grateful. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address and phone.
    Coffman's Exhaust systems, Inc. 181 Wabash Ave. Ukiah, CA 95482
    (707)462-7881 or (707)462-9369 (fax) or coffmans@pacific.net (e-mail)

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    Re: B1 Coffman Exhaust info. ?

    The chances of you having the ski with the pipe are very slim. But I was wondering if you know what pop off your running?

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    Re: B1 Coffman Exhaust info. ?

    Quote Originally Posted by DudeWithAJet View Post
    The chances of you having the ski with the pipe are very slim. But I was wondering if you know what pop off your running?
    What carb and intake are you running?

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    Re: B1 Coffman Exhaust info. ?

    I have dual sbn44’s with an R&D intake

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