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Thread: 951 Carbs ??

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    Re: 951 Carbs ??

    Good point, I was confused too. I forgot that the inlet was not on the cover of the carb. No wonder it is restriced ! That is what maintains the fuel pressures in both carbs.
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    Re: 951 Carbs ??

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I have a question about this very issue. We have the pulse line fitting on the mag carb which is free to flow in both directions obviously, and then we have the "FUEL" fitting in the same location on the PTO carb that serves as the fuel return line. This PTO "FUEL" fitting is where my question lies.

    I have 2 skis that run the 951 carb engine. On one ski's PTO carb, I can't blow air through the nipple on the return plate opposite the direction of fuel flow, SO this means that fuel can return and there must be some kind of check valve in the nipple that doesn't allow the fuel that has left to backflow in order to maintain proper pressures within the carb (i.e. seems it is meant to allow flow in only one direction).

    On the other ski, this same "FUEL" fitting on the PTO carb blows almost freely in both directions. It would seem that the check valve built into it isn't functioning properly.

    Ultimately, my questions are as follows: How integral is this check valve? Do I need a new fitting in order for the ski to run properly? Will fuel pressure be maintained if this check valve isn't functioning properly?

    The last thing I want to do is toast my newly rebuilt engines.

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