For Immediate Release:
February 22, 2009

K38-AWA H2O Responder-IJSBA Water Safety Director to be guest speaker at ICOSIT

2009 International Conference on Safety in Transportation (ICOSIT)

Shawn Alladio, K38 Water Safety International, it is an honor and a pleasure in requesting your presence and participation at the VIII Edition of the International Conference on Safety in Transportation (ICOSIT) which will be held in Italy from the 8th to the 14th of March, 2009.

In the past this conference concerned itself with the total inter-modal transportation system, however because of the abnormal increase in Italy of road deaths caused while “driving under the influence” which are now being called “Saturday Night Massacres” and because of the importance of waterbourne activities for recreation, tourism and emergency response because of the uniqueness of Italy’s geography will we focus primarily on land and marine transportation only. As always we will have a security/safety component of ICOSIT. We would like you discuss your experience with the K38 operations in relation to quick response not only under normal conditions of water safety but also in major disaster on or adjacent to bodies of water.

Past Patrons of ICOSIT have been the European Parliament, The Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministries of the Interior, Transportation, Defense, Environment, Health, Productivity, Technology, the Region of Campagna, Province of Benevento and the City of Benevento.

Supporting Organizations have been the Società Nazionale di Salvamento (Water Rescue), the Chamber of Commerce of Benevento, the University of Benevento, the Benevento Provincial Authorities of Health and Education.

Some of the past attendees and presenters have been The National Transportation Safety Board of Canada, The Safe Boating Council of Canada, Bombardier-Canada, Medical Center and University of Munich, Germany, SAR-Iceland, MRI-United Kingdom, the US Ambassador to the Holy See, The National Transportation Safety Board of the USA, Department of Transportation of the USA, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Defense, US Navy, the US Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, the State Police Agencies of Maryland, Massachusetts, and Tennessee, the San Diego Life Guard Service, the US Boating and Safety Council, the US Water Safety Congress, the US National Association Safe Boating Law Administrators, Norfolk Southern Railroad-US, Operation Life Saver-Railroad-North America, NETACS Corporation of Israel, Lake Rescue East Africa, International Bridge, Tunnel and Toll Association, International Association of Maritime Investigators, Representatives of Italian State, Regional and Provincial Institutions, such as, Chief of the Italian Parliamentary Commission on the Eco-Mafia.

The following is the scheduled program:

Saturday 07 March 2009 - Departure from Los Angeles (LAX), California
Sunday 08 March 2009 - Arrival at Rome, Italy FCO Airport
- You will be met and brought to the ICOSIT Hotel
- Conference Registration and Networking
Monday 09 March 2009 - Opening and Session on “Road Safety” and “Medical Emergencies”
Tuesday 10 March 2009 - Session on “Innovative Technologies”
Wednesday 11 March 2009 - Closed Door Session
Thursday 12 March 2009 - Session on “Marine Safety” and 100th Anniversary Ceremony of
New York Policeman Joseph Petrosino Death
Friday 13 March 2009 - Session on “Medical Emergencies”, Awards Ceremony and
Closure of Conference
Saturday 14 March 2009 - Early AM Departure to Rome FCO Airport and your return home.

The presence of the many different organizations at the past ICOSIT conferences has always been most informational and inspiring. In the past, the ICOSIT format has had a direct and indirect effect on certain governmental changes and programs that have and are being instituted to provide for better and safer transportation and quicker medical response to the many transportation related emergencies. Some of these have been law changes, i.e. the Italian Law now requires D.U.I. testing, and they now have a point system on their driver’s license, use of satellite technology for safer and more secure transportation.

Mimmo Ragozzino Elia Mannetta
Dr. Mimmo Ragozzino Dr. Elia Mannetta
Director, Organizing Committee Vice-Director, Organizing Committee