AWA New Jersey Alert- Speak up now!

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    AWA New Jersey Alert- Speak up now!

    January 27, 2009

    NJ Member Alert -- NJ Member Alert -- NJ Member Alert

    Attn: New Jersey Riders,

    Please contact your State Representative in Trenton immediately. Urge them to oppose Assembly Bill 2736 (A 2736).

    A 2736 - would eliminate a tremendous amount of water from enjoyable personal watercraft riding.

    A 2736 - means idle speed only within 200 feet of any shoreline, person in the water, or residence. As written, you would need 400 feet of clearance to ride on any river, inland waterway, or to transit through any inlet at greater than idle speed.

    A 2736 - is discrimination. These restrictions apply only to personal watercraft, leaving every other boat able to cruise at speed on the same waterways where PWC are restricted to no wake.

    A 2736 - is unsafe for personal watercraft riders by creating on-water confusion. Mixing boat traffic with different speed restrictions is a recipe for tragedy.

    A 2736 - is practically unenforceable and an open door for false report abuse. Who can accurately measure out 200 feet on the water? What device will be certified to make the accurate and fair measurement required for issuance of a citation?

    A 2736 - burdens local law enforcement with yet more enforcement mandates. Police need to be on patrol for unsafe or drunk boaters, not trying to determine distances from houses and shorelines.

    A 2736 - is bad for the economy by further strangling already hard hit small business and tourism in New Jersey. If riders are burdened with useless speed restrictions on waterways, then why visit or even buy a watercraft?

    We all want safer and more enjoyable waterways. Sadly, A 2736 accomplishes nothing for safety or enjoyment. All boats should be treated the same. There should never be two sets of laws. Fairness and equality require nothing less. Call your legislator today!
    If you are unsure of whom your state representative is, log onto and click on “Find Your Legislator.” If you don’t have access to the net, call us toll free at 800-913-AWA1 (2921) and we’ll be glad to find your state reps number for you. They need to hear from you! Make sure to have family members and fellow riders call and oppose A 2736 today.

    Chris Manthos

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    Re: AWA New Jersey Alert- Speak up now!

    OK Im in .. Screw that 2736 !!!

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