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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Mar 2017

    Re: JETMATE owners thread ...

    Hello all,
    After sitting out for way to long I finally decided its time to get this 89' jetmate back in the water. I have a couple spots on the hull I have to do some glass work.
    Just picked up a 750 off craigslist; from what I can tell its a small pin 10 intake studs. I have no idea what year or model its out of though. Story is it came out of a buddies jet ski that came off the trailer. insurance payed the guy out and he borrowed a few things off the motor to get another one running. Guy was unable to tell me any thing more than that. It came with the dual carbs. Is there any benefit to the duals of a single?
    I haven't been able find anything unique identifiers on engines for determining year and model. Anyone know if the 750's are more or less the same across the board? I still have to get an ebox for it, so will it run right if I get and ss box but this model came out of an xi?
    this project has been on my to-do list for a LONG time. end result will hopefully be my very own mini BAT BOAT. ill try and get some pics up soon. This one my take a bit, feels like a total reclamation.

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    resident guru Taynton's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Kelowna BC

    Re: JETMATE owners thread ...

    twin carbs = more horsepower! also harder to tune and uses way more fuel. Im putting a head, timing advance as well as a pipe on mine but running the single 44. good luck and welcome to the forum!

    1989 JS 550__________Jet Sport scoop intake
    Factory Half pipe______Jet Sport skegged rideplate
    Skat-Trak 15.5* _______JRE quicksteer plate
    bored nozzle__________JRE -2'' sub plate
    honed pump__________JRE adjustable bars (0*)
    OP steering nozzle_____VORTEX F/A
    OP reduction nozzle____BCW intake,
    SBN44 carb__________Jet Sport head
    OP alu bedplate______Jet works FCV

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home don37725's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Smoky Mountains TN

    Re: JETMATE owners thread ...

    From GroupK site http://www.groupk.com/k750.htm

    INLET SYSTEMS SINGLE CARB - It's our position that the inlet system that can provide the best inlet tract air speed and fuel mixing, at all throttle positions, is the system that will provide the best overall acceleration and horsepower. While the stock oem Kawasaki dual carb kits can work very well, our testing showed us that a recreational 750 with a well prepared single carb could easily generate as much speed, and acceleration, than most jet pumps can ever deliver. The few aftermarket duals that do offer better performance, do so by consuming "allot" more gasoline. Where riding range is a big consideration, a single carb intake is by far the best choice.

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