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    Hellwoman Moderator
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    Recreational Boating Concern: Join the AWA

    Recreational Boating Concern:

    Now is the time to make your voices heard with regard to the impending permit process for any discharges from recreational boats, uninspected passenger vessels and commercial vessels. The public comment period is 45 days.

    Recent court decisions have mandated that the EPA establish a permitting system for discharges from all vessels. Recreational boats had been exempted from such permitting until now. Unless Congress acts, the EPA, along with the states, will have to create a regulatory scheme by September 2008 in order to be in compliance with the court ruling. The EPA has announced their proposed permitting system, which is now available for public comment.

    Here’s the link to the EPA:

    There are TWO permitting systems: One for large vessels 79 feet in length or longer and one for vessels smaller than 79 feet. They both include recreational vessels and uninspected passenger vessels. Be sure you’re reading the right one for your concerns. I encourage all interested parties to voice their opinion during this 45-day public comment period. Feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested.

    The EPA and the U.S. Coast Guard are co-hosting three public meetings, a webcast and a public hearing. Meetings will be held in Washington, D.C., Portland, OR, and Chicago, IL. The webcast is July 2nd. The Hearing is July 21st. See the website above for more details.

    Paul L. Newman

    Recreational Boating Safety Program Manager

    Eleventh Coast Guard District (dpi)

    Coast Guard Island, Bldg 50-8

    Alameda, CA 94501-5100

    (510) 437-5364

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    Frequent Poster daddymikey1975's Avatar
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    Re: Recreational Boating Concern: Join the AWA

    My question is about the 'oil' part. does a 2 stroke emit 'spent oil' per their definition ? or are they talking about old oil that you'd have after an oil change (for lack of a better way to describe it) ?

    I don't see problems with the under 79 foot vessel restrictions other than the oil part for 2 strokes. anyone else have input?

    thanks for the heads up shawn
    beat up 1991 Waverunner III but it runs and floats

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    May 2008
    High Ridge, MO

    Re: Recreational Boating Concern: Join the AWA

    It's interesting that after all the "doom and gloom" predictions about an "expensive" and "cumbersome" permitting scheme that the EPA would formulate . . . the EPA did the opposite of what many here "predicted."

    In short, the EPA came up with a permit that you - as an individual PWC or boat owner (under 79 feet) - don't have to do anything to have - other than to follow good marine practices and maintain your boats. If you do follow good marine practices and maintain your boat, you automatically HAVE a permit to discharge deck water, bilge water, grey water, etc. . . . without having to file ANY paperwork or having to fork over one thin dime in extra permit fees (the proposed permit is entirely, 100% free).

    All in all not a bad day's work for the EPA. In fact, it's a permit scheme that is hard to criticize.

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    PWCToday Newbie mikehsj's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    san jose, calif

    Re: Recreational Boating Concern: Join the AWA

    you might noy remember us, we were the ones in the black yamaha vx cruisrer that you and your partner looked after on the westcoast freedom ride, we just wanted to thank you, the word thanks is not enough to exspress our gratitude for the way you guys looked after us,if there is any cause that you support please let us know, we would most gratful to make a donation to it,and thank you for the classes sunday, we went out again this last weekend and put what you taught us to use,and it sure helped us out a lot, my waverunner thanks you too,(ha ha).
    once again thank you for your kindness and help
    mike & mary hammond

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