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    I dream skis Governator's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    San Diego

    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    Igo with the smaller option so you can place two next to each other on the second page. First one looks good to me.

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    Resident Guru jdonalds's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    Redding, California

    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    I vote for 150 or 200 on the first icon. I like the larger 800x600 for the second page. How about offering either size and letting the member select?

    My life went through a major change 17 years ago. I have peace that I never thought I'd have now that I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

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    I dream skis
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    Mar 2005

    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    Dont worry no one will be limited in the pics they can have. You can have 4 or 5 if you want. I guess we will go with 800x600 as the standard. So all pics from now on should be downsized to this prior to submittal please.

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    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    Dave, what is the "due date" for all the requested info? Can you do a summary recap of what you want from us? Or possibly an email? This way I can put it on my TO DO list, along with all the other stuff in life....


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    I dream skis
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    Mar 2005

    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    There is no due date for anything actually. I will make everyone a page, and then they can submit additional photos if they wish, I would just ask that they are emailed as 800x600 to keep things simple. I will use all existing pics that were previously submitted. The nice thing is now people can have hyperlinks on their page if they wish. (for sponsors etc.)

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    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by FXHO
    Hi Crew.

    Dave (FXHO) here. I wanted to relay some information and get some feedback on the members section of the website.

    I am planning on revamping the members page on our website. I WANT and NEED your feedback, because it is a job I really only want to do once.
    What I mean by this takes a long time to have to resize about 100+ pictures so I want to nail it the first time.

    Get working on our info is what you are telling us. I will/and have been, should have something to you by the deadline which is 1-2-08.

    I have become unhappy with the members page because although we have ALOT more members now, the page has become very long and slow to load...and unattractive. I mean who wants to be the last member entry on the page?

    True, never be last...
    I was thinking we could have a list of people's names that are then hyperlinks to their profiles. But then this would just be a names page without pictures.
    What about our Name then a small 300 size pick. A list of names is unattractable. I think small photo followed real names, followed by screen name.
    Currently the heights of the pictures are standardized to 300 pixels tall by a proportionate this good? bad? speak now. How many pics should each member have? If we are getting our own hyperlink, maybe a little bigger pics, not as large as 800x600 per your last post. Also, a few different pics is cool. Maybe max of 3 or so.

    Also what order should we go with Alphabetical and then if we use alphabetical do we go by screen names or real names or what?
    Alphabetical is cool. Or by order the person joined. Dosent matter to me, if fairness is involved, alphabetical.

    When we agree on what the picture sizes should be I was hoping then as people make new submissions, they might be able to resize to my criteria, and then email me the pictures in a certain size (saving me the resizinng time).
    Your last post says 800x600, so thats the decision What program is the easiest to use for resizing. We can have a link to that program, and instructions on how to do this. POKE YOKE... (A Toyota manufacturing term, Idiot Proof)
    I use Infraview, its free download. Make a call on this, otherwise it will be a free for all.

    As it stands the largest photos displayed on the website (NOT profile pics)is 640x480 which is plenty large for website usage.
    Sounds good to me. Is that good for you? REVISION, per last post, its 800X600.

    Like I said before the reason I am asking now is because I do want to revamp, and it will take some time to build individual pages.
    So our deadline is 1-2-08 correct? Lets make that the due date. Gives us plenty of time. We snooze, we loose..

    Our members page is US! and it really needs a refreshing.
    I agree! Can you link a PDF, or WORD file if I do a layout for myself. Or
    Thanks in advance.
    No, Thank you for your willingness to help the club grow, without asking for anyting in return! You da man!
    Last edited by Dubz1; 12-06-2007 at 02:16 PM.

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    I dream skis
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    Mar 2005

    Socal website update

    Week of 02/06/2008-2/13/2008
    We are currently in the process of changing hosting servers for
    Some of the website pictures are not showing.
    You need not worry we have have things back to normal shortly (by week end).

    Thanks for your patience!

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    Top Dog garretonufer's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Orange County CA

    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    If i can make a comment about the site, being a new viewer of the website.

    From a viewers perspective i don't like having to go to the homepage or hit the back arrow to go to a new page, if you can design the site with more of a frames design so that your navigation and links are all the same on every page, it makes it much easier for people to go through the page.

    and I agree with some of the people on the thread that you should just have names with links and have each person with their own page, and put their picture and info on their individual page, and maybe organize the members names by what make craft they ride.

    just some thoughts.
    1990 Yamaha SuperJet 701T - Under Construction

    1991 Yamaha SuperJet 701X - Under Construction

    Rather quit than sit.

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Dec 2009
    Orange County, Ca

    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    Hi, I'm looking for where to find about all of the upcoming rides for this year for the So Cal Watercraft Club and cannot this, can you guide me or tell me where to find the list?

    Thanx for your help.
    So Cal

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    Top Dog pirate33's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    On My POLARIS or On #721 We don't mess-around

    Re: Socal Website Club Updates

    Right over here,
    click on the 'Forum' key
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