Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home LisaLisa's Avatar
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    Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    Very sad news from Zach/Turbo-Spun...I've done an internet search and not come up with much, just a small article in the Havasu Times - but the accident report is legit. Please keep your eyes peeled.


    Last week a Stand-up jet skier was killed on Havasu up by topock. He was run over by a 30' Fountian boat. This was a hit and run, and there is a search for the fountian. There is more info at the link.


    The riders young son was there and saw the accident. The fountian may be anywhere in the southwest US or california. The description is in the link along with some pics.

    From the Havasu newspaper:

    Police search for boat after fatal collision

    Thursday, August 9, 2007 8:55 PM MST

    A man was killed Thursday after being struck by a boat near Topock Marina, the area's second water-related death this week.

    The man, whose identity was not released, was riding a personal watercraft, said Sgt. Tim Smith of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's office. The collision happened around 3:30 p.m.

    Authorities were still searching Thursday night for the boat involved in the crash.

    It was described as a 30-foot Fountain boat with red and black checkering on its side, Smith said. It was last seen headed south toward Lake Havasu.

    Sara Margiotta, 10, of Temecula, Calif., died Saturday in a two-boat collision about a half-mile south of the Interstate 40 bridge. Four others were injured in the crash but survived.

    And a little more info from the Tri-State news....

    The Tri-State News story has a couple more details:

    - the word Fountain "imposed" over a black and red checkered pattern
    - a man and a woman were aboard the Fountain
    - guy that was killed was on a stand-up PWC

    Here's that story:

    Man Killed In Boating Hit And Run
    TOPOCK, AZ - A fatal collision on the Colorado River near the Interstate 40 bridge occurred yesterday afternoon and investigators are looking for two people who left the scene of the accident. San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Tim Smith said a large boat struck and killed a man who was riding a stand-up personal watercraft near the Topock Marina. Smith said that a man and woman were aboard a large boat that hit the unidentified man, then left the scene.

    The SBCSO is looking for a 30-foot craft with the word "Fountain" imposed over a black and red checkered pattern on both sides of the fiberglass hull.
    Anyone with information about the boat, it's location or it's owners is asked to call the SBCSO at (706) 326-9200 or (760) 326-9213.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    Very sad indeed.

    My guess is he was drunk leaving the bar at Topock. Didnt see the guy under the bridge near all the pylons. Decided he didnt want to go to jail for a long time and kicked rocks. Now its pretty hard to hide a boat of that size. He will probably come to his senses especially after this gets more attention and turn himself in with some kind of "I didnt even see him excuse". He will get way less jailtime if any. So sad.

    I did see a older Fountain for sale on Craigslist about a month ago that fixed tha desription. Maybe a new boater. It was for sale in Havasu.
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    Grand Poo-Bah, EH Team Racing PWCToday Guru RobbieBorycki's Avatar
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    That is Horrible, The Eh Team wishes them all the best.

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    Frequent Poster Turbo-Spun's Avatar
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    Alot of people are seriously looking for this guy. He plowed over the stand up rider, stopped, looked back, and sped off. The Stand up rider's son along with a few other people witnessed the collision. The son had to be put in foster care for a while, luckly his mother was found and he was reunited. This was the same spot where a 10 year old girl was killed 4 days before by a drunk boater. If anybody knows or sees this boat please call the proper authorities.

    Thanks from Havasu.


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    PWCToday Regular Mr.Goodtimes's Avatar
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    what a tragedy, pathetic on the boaters part, drunk or sober, you still killed someone.

    good luck finding this boat
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    wow makes me glad the lake I ride isn't deep enough for boats of that size I really feel bad for this Family lost a father/son/husband

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    PWCToday Regular tgseadoo's Avatar
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    wow that sucks, you are pathetic to hit someone just alone kill someone and just keep on keepin on. thats sad on the familys side
    try seadoo, you'll like it

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    Frequent Poster crow21's Avatar
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    very sad news , i hope they get the guy very soon .

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    Resident Guru smoofers's Avatar
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    I feel very sorry for the child who had to witness his father's death. I hope for his sake that his father's killer is found. There is no excuse for not stopping. What a sad day for the Havasu community.
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    PWCToday Guru impact196's Avatar
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    Re: Hit And Run by Fountian Boat Fatal To Havasu Stand-Up Rider

    Amazing....I just read that entire thread on Hotboat and still no signs of that boat. I really hope they catch them soon and bring them to justice however, there is no amount of justice that can bring that boys father back. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the boy and to the rest of his family.

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