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    1997 GP760 - Won't start, does nothing

    I was out riding at about 30mph and the waverunner just quit out on me. It does nothing when I hit the start button, and doesn't show "START" when I hold down the MODE button. I checked the ground cable going from the battery to the block it it feels firm, plus I checked the ground with a voltmeter, hooking the negative to the block and the positive to the battery and it read 12 volts.

    I can jump the starter relay with a screw driver and the engine cranks. I have no idea what that means, but I read to try it on a different post. I know it means the starter is good and the engine isn't locked up, but that's not a definitive test that the relay is good, so is there another way of testing it?

    I tried disconnecting the kill switch plug but that didn't help either.

    I'm guessing it's the CDI unit based on the fact that there seems to be no power going to the multi function display.

    Any help is much appreciated, if I'm going to the dealer today I need to do it in the next few hours otherwise I can't go for another week so fast help would be even more appreciated.

    UPDATE *****
    So I've swapped out the CDI with a good one, but that wasn't it.

    Today, though, I took my volt meter and put the red on the battery and put the black on the bundle of ground wires that go to the black box the CDI is in, and it read 0 volts. I thought this was weird since that is supposed to be grounded, no?

    Well, I took a wire and connected it to the two sets of black wires and put the other end on a bolt on the engine, and now the voltmeter reads 12 volts and the motor will kick over, but it won't start. So I seem to be getting closer, but I'm still just guessing at it. It seems that something isn't grounded right and therefore not giving the spark plugs a spark, but I have no idea.




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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home 1goofball's Avatar
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    Re: 1997 GP760 - Won't start, does nothing

    do a search on this site for starter relay. When I have read the posts, they say when jumped if it Does Nothing, relay is good and if it starts motor, relay is bad.

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    Fixin' To Get Slapped PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home skraggy's Avatar
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    Re: 1997 GP760 - Won't start, does nothing

    Find out which black wire is the main ground for your electrical box,and you may find the culprit. I dont have a wiring diagram for your ski,or I would look it up for you. Most likely coming in with the stator wires would be my guess.

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    Re: 1997 GP760 - Won't start, does nothing

    Hello, I am not familiar with your ski, however, on my Yamaha, if you disconnect the "kill switch" plug, you also disconnect the starter switch. You might try to isolate the wires going to the kill switch and only disconnect those. Otherwise, disconnect the plug again and try jumping the starter relay again. If she runs that way, you have a bad kill switch or associated wiring. I disassembled my Yamaha's kill switch(Watch out for flying parts) and reconditioned the contacts, that worked to resolve my kill switch problem. Good Luck.
    BTW, Did your ski just die, or did it act like it was running out of fuel?

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    Re: 1997 GP760 - Won't start, does nothing

    check connectivity of ngative wire at the battery and starter. remove clean and reinstall to the proper torque. check the connectors on the wires make sure they are not loose. then check the connection between the stator and the cdi. make sure the connection is dry, clean and tight. then check the ground connections at the coils. clean and tighten. that should cover your ground issue. as long as your connections at your stator are proper. though it reads as if you may have another issue with fuel. good luck.

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