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    SPVUK VX110 copy From China manufacturer

    Hi Guy's

    A word of warning from someone who's been burnt !!!!!

    SPVUK Motorcycle/ jetski manufacturing China.

    I checked out this Chinese manufacturer on the net, they make a Yamaha VX110 copy at virtually half the price.

    I sent my money over to China in Feb 07 and they said I'd receive the jetski in mid May 07, they said they could make it a closed loop system for extra cash. As I was going to use it in salt water I paid extra for a closed loop system.

    They then said ( In May ) that they couldn't do the colour they'd originaly quoted me for, nor could they do closed loop, I then agreed to a different colour and the open loop system ( they said it would take ten days to produce. )

    I cancelled my order with them last week after waiting over a month and getting nothing but lies whenever I contacted them, but they won't return my cash, I now have the China Council for International Trade sorting out my case with SPVUK.

    Hopefully I will eventually get my money back, but If I'd know what this company was like I would NEVER have entertained the thought of dealing with them, If this thread helps anybody to make a decision about buying from this company ( Maybe you were tempted in buying but had a gut feeling it would go pearshaped. ) Well here's the proof.

    This is not a company I would recommend to anyone! If their Jetski is anything like their service it's going to be very,VERY poor!

    I'll still get a jetski, but it will be an original manufactured unit, not a copy!

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home jeepfamily's Avatar
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    Re: SPVUK VX110 copy From China manufacturer

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Holmes

    but If I'd know what this company was like I would NEVER have entertained the thought of dealing with them,
    You didn't know? the company copied a patented hull and called it their own, and the country itself allows it, and you didn't know what kind of company you were dealing with?

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    Re: SPVUK VX110 copy From China manufacturer

    Now imagine how hard it would be to get parts from them. You may be better off in the long run if you get your money back. That really sucks. It's sounds like the are a bunch of commies over there.... Oh wait they are. Hopefully you'll get your money back, but I'd be willing to bet a ski will show up at your door before that happens.

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    Re: SPVUK VX110 copy From China manufacturer

    Hi Guy's

    When I was looking for a cheap jetski for the kids I checked out lots of second hand ski's on ebay and the likes, then i typed in "manufacturers" (to see if I could get a good deal )

    SPVUK came up, before I sent my cash I wanted a contact phone number so I could talk direct with the company BEFORE I let go of my cash, my friend who is also Asian, checked that the company existed ( didn't want to get scammed )

    I thought the design of the ski looked a bit boxy, not cutting edge like the SeaDoo or Kawasaki, it had that bumper strip on the front that didn't look right, but i thought "hell it's not the best looking, but it's a cheap ski for the kids" I then started looking more at jetski's on the internet and found PWC today ( to get to know as much as possible about what i'd bought) It was then by chance I noticed a VX110 for sale on ebay........... the tell tale front bumper, I then looked more at the shape, the long platform at the back and yes it looked the same as I'd bought.

    If I've got to fly to China to get my cash, I will, I'll walk into their offices and I'll start by throwing the first computer screen I find out the window and I'll carry on until they pay up , If I get my money's worth in damage, so be it. Sorry, but if you cant talk rationally to somone, then you have to show them you mean business!

    But I've made my mistake, If I can help somebody else by avoiding what I've done then some good has come of it, it's quite embarrassing for me to own up to this, but it's no good me keeping quiet and someone else falling in the same trap.

    Last edited by Paul Holmes; 07-07-2007 at 07:40 PM.

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    PWCToday Guru MIAMIhondaRYDER's Avatar
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    Re: SPVUK VX110 copy From China manufacturer

    I Wouldn't Go To China And Go Crazy Over There, Most Likely You Probably Get Arrested. And Being Arrested In Another Country Most Reall Suck!!!

    !!!! STOCK SUCKS !!!!

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Apr 2008

    Re: SPVUK VX110 copy From China manufacturer

    Mr Holmes, I read elsewhere that you finally received your spv jetskis, can you give us an honest review?

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