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    Need help with a Waverunner 650 Engine Swap

    OK so I bought a 1993 Yamaha Waverunner 650 LX with a blown motor. I found a used one for a good deal and I got it today. It was from a Waverunner III and there are some things that are a little different, the motor I had in the LX was a J650A and this is a J650C, both 6M6 but different. Anyway the LX uses premix and the WR III is injected, so I have removed to oil pump and changed out the flywheel and stator (the old ones were in better shape), and I am using the other cover plate without the shaft for the pump. Thats done, now I notice the head is different, the one I had use a 2 piece head and this is all one piece plus an outlet (vaccum??) the exhaust supports line up and it looks like it should work. I changed out the intake manifold and carb, I dont know if I should use the old reeds or if it even matters. I dont know what else I have to do to make it all work right, any help at all would be awesome. Oh yeah is the CDI the same ??? Is this motor more powerful, bigger displacement?? Will the exhaust from the LX work?? Carb issues, I think they both use a BN44 though??? So many ??? Thanks.

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    Re: Need help with a Waverunner 650 Engine Swap

    What ever you do dont run that vaccum lime to your carb.It is the pisser that comes out of the side of the waverunner.I blows out hot water from the top of the head while it is running

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    Re: Need help with a Waverunner 650 Engine Swap

    It lives!! Well I put the motor in and it lined up perfectly with little effort, I just wanted t see if it would start so I hooked up the fuel lines and CDI, I could not find an exhaust gasket at any local shops so I got one on order,(5-7 days. that sucks) anyway I started it without the exaust manifold on, oh man it screamed for all 10 seconds or so that it ran, it started immediately, all I did was Prime the carb. It runs perfectly and even idled well for about 2-3 secs before I killed it. I did not want to heat up the heads without the manifold on. Thanks for the tip on the outlet water spout deal, I wonder if I could just cap it or if I should run a line somwhere to let it flow? All in all I am prety excited, I got the 93 650 and a 94 Polaris SLT750 that runs good, both with a 2 spot trailer for $1000, I bought the engine for $300 (what a great deal) and prayed that it would run good. It looks like I will be having tons of fun this summer. WooHooo!!

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