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    I dream skis
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    Quick question about br7es versus br8es

    the shop manual for my 1996 SP says I need br8es plugs but I've read other documents that the same year and engine needs br7es.

    my understanding is that the difference beteen the br8es and the br7es is 1 heat range (higher number is colder). so, does this mean that the br7es is for an engine that runs hotter? and if you put in br7es and the engine runs to cool the plugs would foul?

    my engine is stock, I am not sure why the information differs in different BRP documents.

    Please excuse some of my replies, my English is not very good so I may misunderstand your question or my reply to your question may not make sense.

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    PWCToday Regular
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    Tyler, Texas

    Re: Quick question about br7es versus br8es

    don't know for sure but I run 8's

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    Tech Guru PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home Watercraft Magic's Avatar
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    Re: Quick question about br7es versus br8es

    You need BR8ES plugs in the motor.

    The heat range of the sparkplug has nothing to do with how hot the motor runs.

    For a full explination, google NGK or sparkplugs or something.
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