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View Poll Results: Would you pay $10,999 for a New Honda R-15X in 2008?

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    35 43.75%
  • No

    45 56.25%
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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    Quote Originally Posted by sandi_r_k
    Quote Originally Posted by danketchpel

    Besides, as somebody else has said, we're starting to see what 1,500cc does to fuel mileage. So in this day and age of $3.50/gal premium, I'm starting to like my 1,350cc just fine.

    On our 130 mile ride last weekend one of the guys on an RXP was running out of gas at ~80 miles while I still had 2 bars showing. He did make it to the fuel dock but just barely with zero bars showing. It is during those times that I'm really glad I have a Honda, and this hasn't been the first time.
    Agreed. I wouldn't be happy with the MPG shown on the new Kawi 250X. And admittedly our 15F isn't as fuel-efficient as the Honda F-12.

    But I'm *totally* happy to have one of each: a fuel efficient cruiser that's still nimble, and one musclecraft that won't put me in the poorhouse.

    Over here in the UK one of the new owners of the very limited Kawasaki 250Xs stated that it cost him $150 to initially fill the thing and within 4 days he had spent an additional $315 on fuel!!!!!!!

    Remind me never to purchase one of those!
    !!!Never eat yellow snow!!!

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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    My Daughter's 15F and another friend's is getting almost exactly the same gas mileage as my F12X, but I have a "heavy hand" too.
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    Jax. Fl.

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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    I have only heard great things about the fuel economy on the hondas, especially the non turbo. obviously the turbo when under boost is gonna guzzle a little.

    As far as new product realease and honda, they are very good at misleading and keeping it a mystery. I am an acura tech and have very close contact with a lot of relatively influential types at AHM and even they dont know anything. We have had some really funny stuff happen like specs released andthen the car arrives and its signifigantly different, or not getting any specifics on a car, and then bam it shows up on the lot, and were like umn, whats the sticker say its got, how much is it, etc. they keep it tight lipped unless they want you to know. But yeah those specs are out of thin air. Honda wants there stuff to hold up not just go fast too, and they feel they have environmental obligations.

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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Thomas
    • 1535cc Turbo
    • 260 hp @ 7300 RPM
    • Top Speed 71 mph (fully loaded)
    • Ultra Lighweight Race Insired Reinforced & Flex Hull
    • Dry Weight 705 lbs.
    • Adjustable Trim
    • Adjustable Sponsons
    • Fuel usage displayed in %
    • Colors: Honda Red, Black, Blue
    Quote Originally Posted by HondaTurboGuy
    It's going to be a non turbo 2000cc iVTEC. Rated at 220hp.
    Count me in. I will take the 220HP NA instead. 65mph is plenty fast.
    05 R12 Blue

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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    i just bought the new R-15X yesterday. its awesome!!
    2003 R-12X (almost) Macsboost Stage II
    2005 CRF250R (Not Stock)

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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    Honda has not made a R-15X. What are you talking about? Maybe a F-15X? The R-15X would be GREAT.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home C-LO's Avatar
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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    If there was a R15X, you would have already seen pictures of mine on here...

    Quote Originally Posted by yamanube View Post
    This is hardly a PWC site, it is a loosely moderated sh*t show with a for sale section, a handfull of PWC enthusiasts, a few hundred people who own jetskis and a few dozen people who like to hear themselves talk.
    This is the internet: Where boys are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents...

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    I dream skis
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    Re: Who is going to buy the R-15X Next Year?

    Quote Originally Posted by JetskiMN View Post
    I'm sorry but 71mph out of the box I don't think so...only because the coast guard will never allow it. They gave Seadoo a warning/scolding for the rxp at 67mph...the next year it went a little slower. Anyway, I would never buy one for $11K...I wouldn't take a Honda if you gave it to me free, well maybe just so I could turn around and sell it for the $$$.
    Well I am glad to here that. That means you just kept someone else from making a mistake and buying a lesser quality ski.

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