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    Re: AWA needs info from riders-E-15.

    I thought E85 whas harmful to your head and valve train by displacing the upper cyl. lubercants needed for lubercating the valve seats and piston lands.

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    Re: AWA needs info from riders-E-15.

    Ok we HAD to run E-20 in Hawaii this summer, 20 skis running 10 hours a day... at 400 hours we HAD to tear them down to clean valves, seats, domes, ect. The gunk, varnish, and sludge left from this fuel was out of control... we even used a double dose of a fuel detergent additive in the fuel to try to prevent it, but we couldnt! this fuel SUCKS!
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    E-15 fuel?

    i dont know what E-15 fuel is but i do run F&L sp-1 witch is 110 octane with lead

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    Re: E-15 fuel?

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeking400
    i dont know what E-15 fuel is but i do run F&L sp-1 witch is 110 octane with lead

    ...and heres your sign...

    I have to have my injectors and my throttle body on my truck cleaned about once a year cause of that garbage...

    Hopefully our U of M have come up with a new enviro fuel made out of prairie grass seeds. I guess it can be grown much cheaper, and made into fuel much cheaper than corn. Hopefully it will be easier on the fuel systems then corn fuel. Everyone I know only runs clear gas in their "offroad" stuff...thats quite a hit on the pocketbook for my buddy with the 23" formula with the 40 gallon tank but he's taking no chances...
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    Re: AWA needs info from riders-E-15.

    Good stories.

    The word I am seeing is that there is a political stampede to lower dependence on imported oil - which isn't a bad thing. The bad thing is that almost always when there is a stampede, someone gets trampled to death. Boaters inc. PWC owners are such a small minority compared to the general public, that we have to be vocal about issues that may be slightly unpopular with the public at large - and with corn state politicians.

    Keep the AWA informed and post to this thread too if you have problems related to blended fuels.

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