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    Re: 06 VX110 water in spark plug holes

    i have these problem in all my 05 the was imposible to thake the coil of in one piece i even make a tool to pull the coils out
    the isue is a bad casting on the calve cover and i litle hole on the coil ruber boot i address these to yamaha japan in 05 japan say these was going to be fix on 06 but after i get the 06s they say the engine was already made and the change will came on 07 i hop they will change these part on 05 they guaranty these problem in 06 before i asemble every ski i silicone the hole and arround the ruber boot not i sinble problem after these

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    Re: 06 VX110 water in spark plug holes

    so you're saying that the seal around the plug mounted coils is bad and has holes in it? and yamaha is aware of this? i wonder if they will throw the new updated coils in there under warranty?

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    Re: 06 VX110 water in spark plug holes

    Having the same issue on my 2007 VX cruiser. Was there a definite issue that caused this?

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    Re: 06 VX110 water in spark plug holes

    Going to throw in my 2 cents here and provide a solution I'm currently testing as I discovered a few things today while changing the plugs.

    Firstly, I'm going to say Riverad's theory while it sounds great, is not as airtight as you might think (pun intended) but it's almost certainly not helping the situation...

    If you have a close look at the seal on the coils, that is the very part keeping the water out, you will notice if you spin it around that there is actually a pin sized breather hole in the seal which I assume is to allow air in and out as it gets hot/cold. I spin this seal around to the bottom so that the hole itself sits underneath where the electric wiring clip connects to the coil. This way hopefully it doesn't get water splashing on it as it is shielded from above and later sucked down.

    There are actually 2 other little slits on opposite sides on the next lot of seals that sit against the spark plug hole walls that also would allow it to breath too so it seems that air is supposed to flowing in and out to me.

    The bottom line in any case, is don't worry about it too much as it really doesn't do anything except corrode your plugs. Water won't go past the plug into the engine if you've tightened it up sufficiently. Just try not to spray water on it too much and change your plugs regularly. When you do change them, get an aircompressor and clean and blow everything out of there with an old toothbrush so that it doesn't fall into the engine when you pull the plugs. As long as you never have a plug get corroded into the head and snap off then next plug seals well then it's not really an issue.
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