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  1. Flush tee location? Good source for fuel line? JS550

    I got a new project ski and Iím a little unsure on where to splice the the flush tee in as this one is set up a bit different than my other one.

    Also anyone got a good source for buying various...
  2. 81 JS440 with 550 motor with stuck impeller where to start?

    I picked up an 81 the other day and trying to figure out what I have and get the impeller freed up.

    Iím assuming its a 440 hull with a 550 motor? Is the pump a 550 or a 440? Looks like the ebox...
  3. Re: Locked up chicken motor found a teal 650?

    No pump mods needed for the 750 swap?
  4. Re: Locked up chicken motor found a teal 650?

  5. Locked up chicken motor found a teal 650?

    I got a 92 Super Chicken pretty cheap with a locked up motor. Thereís a guy semi local selling a teal 650 complete with electrics for $600. Will it fit? heís saying its a rare motor? Decent price?...
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    Help identifying ocean pro head?

    I got this in a box of JS 550 and 440 parts. The spacing between the cylinders is to wide for 550/440 stuff. Looks to be about the right size for the 650 in my SC but it is missing two bolt hole...
  7. Re: 550: Corrosion behind the wear ring bending it?

    It lived its prior life in Miami so it probably saw a lot of salt water
  8. Re: 550: Corrosion behind the wear ring bending it?

  9. 550: Corrosion behind the wear ring bending it?

    I am new to the 550 world. The impeller on the ski I picked up Was make a contact with the wearing and I took it apart and it looks like something is pushing it up from behind the wear ring but there...
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    First ride on wetbike!

    Got a few little kinks worked out of new to me wetbike thanks to the wetbike forum guys. Saw a couple of these when I was a kid and always thought they were pretty cool. I picked up a pair for a...
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    Flushing wetbikes? Running on a hose?

    I just picked up two wetbikes one is a 78 and the other is an 82.

    How do I hook these up to a hose and flush these things? Iíd like to run them a bit on the trailers before I take them out to the...
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    Re: 800cc wetbike part out

    Still parting out? How much for flywheel cover and fuel pump?
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    Wetbike fuel pump.. is this right?

    Messing with a wet bike. Is this piped right? The hose Iím holding in my hand is the one going to the fuel tank. Based on the arrows I would think it needs to go to bottom right. Previous owner said...
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    WTB: SANO insert?

    Looking for a sano insert I have the bumper already. Looking for black white or blue.
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