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  1. Replies

    Re: 1100 ZXI Slow Acceleration

    Also quick edit, cylinder 2 was 115, not 155 :)
  2. Replies

    1100 ZXI Slow Acceleration

    Hi all,

    I've got a 1999 1100 ZXI I've done quite a bit of work on, had to pull the motor to replace the bendix, replace starter solenoid, etc.. among other things. I've rebuilt the carbs and took...
  3. Re: '99 1100 ZXI Intermittent No Power to Lights

    Thank you for your help, found out I had the carb lines flipped between the engine and the IN port! Started right up. Thanks again!!!
  4. Re: '99 1100 ZXI Intermittent No Power to Lights

    I've replaced the bendix, starter, and trim box. The electrical problem is a bad wire out the e-box since when the ski is turning over or the wires are wiggled just right, the lights will self test...
  5. Re: '99 1100 ZXI Intermittent No Power to Lights

    Also starter sounded awful and eventually blew up.. so now a new thing to replace.
  6. Re: '99 1100 ZXI Intermittent No Power to Lights

    I believe that was it! Was having really weird things happen, found if I just kept touching the grounds to the battery they would eventually light up. Got the ski running and the lights started going...
  7. '99 1100 ZXI Intermittent No Power to Lights

    Hi all!

    I've had a '99 1100 ZXI for a few years now, and about 2 years ago a bad roller on the trailer created a hole in the front fiberglass and caused it to take on water badly. One day out...
  8. Replies

    2001 Kawasaki STX 1100 DI Issue

    Hi all, I have a question concerning an STX 1100 DI. The jet ski is fairly old and has been ran quite a bit in the past. Recently I've been taking it out quite a bit and been giving it some love....
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