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  1. Kawasaki 1998 sxi pro standup jetski $2500.00

    Kawasaki 1998 sxi pro standup clear and clean title. In the last 2 years I have replaced the carbs (stock Kawasaki carbs), Kawasaki handle pole. kawasaki drive shaft seal, stock starter relay, all...
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    factory wet pipe fits 750 sx sxi sxipro

    I ran this pipe for a month or two 5 years ago on my ski but I went with a 1100 conversion and it has been sitting a while but a very useable pipe. I will take $400.00 you can call me 757 605 8707 my...
  3. Re: WTB 750sx Coffman Rocket Or factory pipe

    My name is Bo I have one.
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    need help installing a 1100 in a sxi

    Can anyone send me some pics of there 750/1100 conversion. I have donor 98 1100 zxi what do I need to make the switch. I have not paid for the donor ski but its in the family so its not going...
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    need info on a sxi 1100 concersion

    Hi can anyone tell me if I can put a zxi 1100 in my 95 Kawasaki sxi. I would like to hear from someone who has already finished a project like this. Thanks.
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    drive shaft support bearing

    My 98 750 sxi pro is leaking and the water is coming in around the drive shaft. Is the bearing that supports the drive shaft pressed in to a housing that Kawsaki calls a holder and if so how much...
  7. Re: Clearance issues with larger pistons.. help Please

    I stand corrected flypaper thinks he can do a better job hogging out the cases with a handheld grinder than a machine shop can do. The hacks have spoken.
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    kawaki engine swap

    Hi can anyone help me out with a engine swap? I want to put a 950 seadoo engine in my 750 kawaski sxi pro does anyone have info on that? I am going to buy a salavage boat for the conversion. I need...
  9. Re: Clearance issues with larger pistons.. help Please

    If it is machined out on a lathe and the fit keep real tight you produce more crankcase pressure and the engine will make more power but unless you are jeff jacobs just hog it out. peace.
  10. Re: Group K service -- Nothing short of incredible!

    You should always do a leak down and a compression test on any new engine before you restall it into the ski. It is real easy to do and you can buy all the equipment you need for about $100.00. I...
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    Re: Anyone rebuild engines ?

    I think SBT does good work I bought a recon prop from them and it was good everything as promised. We will see after a couple of years in the salt water.
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    Re: factory pipe limited

    Yea I first changed just the jets but it ran terrible and factory pipe lit. said to reduce the pop off pressure and tune the pipe. I never could get it to run better than the stock system. I adusted...
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    factory pipe limited

    Hi I have a chance to put a factory limited pipe on my 98sxi pro. Can anyone tell how much trouble it is to install the factory pipe and what kind of proformance increases I can expect? We tried to...
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    Re: flywheel remover

    Dam I put in a hold where it did not belong. You can use a vice grip chain wrench to hold the flywheel to remove the bolt that holds it on. Blame it on the drugs.
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    flywheel remover

    I checked the tech post and alot of guys where using a 18mm spark plug thread chaser to use as a flywheel remover tool. It worked like a charm. You can use a vice grip chain wrench to hold the...
  16. Re: 800 SXR impeller binding with the stainless steel liner.

    A superjet wear ring cost less than half of what kawasaki charges and kawasaki stopped making the wear ring for the 550 so that makes 550's worhtless. Thanks kawasaki for nothing.
  17. Re: HELP!!!! in need of kawasaki 650 repair guru

    did you check your spark plugs for spark? you need to check your compression. make sure you are getting fuel you can you some starting fluid just to make sure its not a fuel problem, Good luck.
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