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  1. Re: Seadoo 4tec mpem 278002043 brand new 0 hr fits gti gtx rxp rxt

    Is this still for sale?

  2. Factory B pipe (what's the diff pre/post 1996) superjet

    I found a used factory B pipe that's 5 years old and came off a 1994 sj. I have a 2007 sj. Will it fit? What is he diff in the pre/post 1996 on the factory site?
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    Superjet Ride Plates

    I have a 2007 Superjet. I have the stock ride plate and a R&D extended. I'm trying to figure out what I like. I've only have the R&D a short time and am not crazy about the extra length, I nicked...
  4. Sticky: Re: Reviews: MN personal watercraft dealerships/shops.

    Great experiences at the Main Store (Webb Lake WI), I had an issue with a DESS post on my RXDi and he loaned me another to troubleshoot and didn't charge me a dime, just ordered me the part when I...
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    Re: 2007 Superjet zero degree bars

    I posted originally to see if there was a performance (shape) thing I was missing. I've been welding metal/aluminum for 20 years and understand its properties, there is no way the bars would break...
  6. Anyone good at installing Footholds and Turn on a Superjet?

    I have a 2007 Superjet I'd like to put footholds and a turf (Wamiltons pre cut). Anyone in MN recommended or want to make a few buck?
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    Re: How much is this Superjet worth?

    I bought and sold two kawis this summer and ended up with a 2007 SJ. Some reason they sell way over bluebook in MN, I flew to Kansas to get an SXi Pro around bluebook and sold it in MN for double a...
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    Re: 2007 Superjet zero degree bars

    Swapmeet, I posted a few on my profile
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    Word 201, 205, or R&D auqavein?

    I have a stock 2007 superjet. I want to get a intake grate, after research I was decided on the worx 201, when I went to order the guy said I should get the r&d aquavein. Wamiltons said the 201 was...
  10. Worx 201 intake grate for 2007 SJ, best place to buy?

    I've been searching online for a Worx 201 intake grate for my 2007 Superjet. Anyone have a suggestion for the best/cheapest place to buy?
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    2007 Superjet zero degree bars

    Curious after looking at the prices of these, is there any reason against removing my current bars, heating and bending them to zero degrees (straight). Seems with a little patience you could save...
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    Re: now Iphone friendly

    Found it.
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    Re: now Iphone friendly

    I downloaded Tapatalk, where is PWC today?
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    98' SXI Pro: Pipe vs. impleller/Milled head

    I only have so much I want to spend on the ski $500. My goal is more bottom end. I've read the other posts and was leaning towards a R&D or Factory pipe (availability dependent so probably a R&D). ...
  15. 98' 750 sxi Pro Factory pipe compatibility question.

    I have a 98' 750 sxi pro. I'm shopping around for a Factory Limited Pipe. Is the pipe the same for a 750 sxi pro and 750 sx and sxi? Also what years would be compatible?

  16. Tubes that hang down from the hood of a 750 sxi, what are they for?

    I just bought a 750 sxi. There was a factory pipe on it at one time and the tubes that hang down from the hood (vent maybe) needed to be cut short (they don't hang down into the engine compartment...
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