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    Kawasaki Ficht EMM

    Ficht EMM for Kawasaki, I believe for STX 1100 DI. Either new or rebuilt. I have had since 2004 in my parts stash. Let's talk.563045563046
  2. Yamaha GP800 Cases and Crank, Short Block

    Alright Gentlemen, I have a GP800 power valve short block that is in good used condition. It's been in storage since about 2008 for a project that never happened. Low hours, crank spins smooth and...
  3. Tigershark Service and Training Manuals

    I just posted the manuals in the wrong section, ie Tigershark skis for sale. Please see listing. Thanks.
  4. Tigershark Service and Training Manuals

    1997 Service Training Manual AND a 1998 Service Manual for TS640 thru TS1000 L and R models. These need to find a new home. Should be able to ship Media Mail through US Post Office. Make me an...
  5. 1998 Service Manual and 1997 Training Manual, All Models

    Gentlemen...I am cleaning the garage and have two manuals for Tigershark. 1998 Service Manual that looks to cover all models and a pretty cool 1997 Service Training Manual with tons of good info. ...
  6. Yamaha gp800 xl800 66E bottom end, crankshaft, crankcases for sale

    For Sale....I have a complete short block, ie cases, crankshaft rods etc for sale. Came from a low hour, later model gp800 that lost the front cylinder. Failure most likely due to power valve...
  7. Replies

    Re: Performance Jet Pump Problem-need help

    Engine is a 650, stock head, sbn44 with westcoast velocity stack and intake, west coast pipe and west coast alum waterbox.
  8. Replies

    Performance Jet Pump Problem-need help

    Getting my project X2 pretty squared away but last ride had a new problem develop. When deep water starting, the ski has initial bite, but as you try to get on plane, it blows through the pump and...
  9. Re: Anyone ever Helicon a 650sx cylinder before.

    No need for mill if you are just repairing threads using Helicoil or Timesert.

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  10. Re: looking for charge coil for yamaha waiveraider 701 deluxe.

    Sometimes Ohming does not confirm it's bad. Best bet is to check AC volts when cranking using an Ohm meter with a Peak Voltage Adapter. Any shop that works on Outboard motors should know what...
  11. Re: Anyone ever Helicon a 650sx cylinder before.

    I have not helicoiled 650 cylinder threads but I will tell you I'm a big fan of the "Time-sert" brand repair. It is a solid insert that is swedged into the oversize tapped hole yeilding a permanent...
  12. Replies

    Re: 2007 VX1100 35mph max speed

    Did you get your VX repaired?

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  13. Replies

    Re: 2007 VX1100 35mph max speed

    Yes, I am working on a ski now that has all the signs. People seem to forget that if you are riding ski that you are going to get wet. They attempt this by having someone on the ski or ski's (if a...
  14. Replies

    Re: Slow Crank..I'm running out of ideas??

    Bad starter...seen it before on ski's and motorcycles. Score one off ebay. Leave pump off to take that out of the situation. halmc is right. Don't overthink it, stick to the basics, troubleshoot...
  15. Replies

    Re: 2007 VX1100 35mph max speed

    Damage to the leading edge of the impeller blade or blades. This can be seen from under the WR when looking into the intake grate. Blades may be bent or torn up. It does not take much damage to...
  16. Maryland Stand Up Riders - Severn, South, West Rivers on Chesapeake Bay Maryland

    A group of us are looking for others to ride stand ups, X-2's etc in the Severn, South, West or Rhode Rivers on the Chesapeake Bay. We currently ride Thursday and /or Friday evenings on the Severn...
  17. Yamaha VX110 Impeller Cores For Sale - Maryland

    If you own a VX110 Yamaha, sooner or later you'll need an impeller. I have a couple of lightly damaged impellers that you can purchase and SBT offers remanufactured replacments for $69. Have one...
  18. Replies

    Re: 2007 VX1100 35mph max speed

    Also, if it's impeller damage, SBT does repairs on exchange basis for $70.
  19. Replies

    Re: 2003 Yamaha 1300r not starting.

    If the battery is dead, charge and do compression test to compare cylinders. 30hrs on 12 year old ski, my hunch is bad fuel, ethanol blues in your carbs that will require disassembly and overhaul. ...
  20. Replies

    Re: Starter Intermittently engaging

    Starter motor is pretty much sealed with o-rings. Most likely cause is the starter drive or "bendix" is going bad. It's a one way clutch that when spun by the starter motor extends out it's small...
  21. Replies

    Re: Kaw 750sx electronics!

    I parted out a 99 750 XI sport and should have it all. PM me. Brad
  22. Replies

    Re: 2007 VX1100 35mph max speed

    A few things to check....1st make sure you are not in the slow mode, cant remember the details but holding the lock or unlock button down and listening for the beeps will clarify. 2nd, crawl up...
  23. Replies

    Re: 1988 650sx Restoration

    Looks good. Wondering if you had any of the hull threaded inserts pull out? I'm building an X2 and need to fix all of mine. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  24. Replies

    Ultra 150 jetting help

    Ok, got an 03 ultra 150 that's all stock with 40 hours. Put 12 or so hrs in the last month. Have not had it prior to these hours. Had a slight burble around 4000 rpm. Idled and low speed fine and...
  25. Replies

    Re: 2005 Ultra 150 no cooling water

    Or...did the mouse chew through the hose and pilot water is just going into the hull and getting pulled out by the siphon?
  26. Re: 2002 kawasaki 1100 ultra 130 problem

    I'd say carb issue. CV's on the 130? If so, pull the carb hat and check the little hole on the throttle blade side of the carb to make sure it's clear. If it is, I'd pull the carbs to inspect them...
  27. Parting Out 99 Sport XI, No Hull or Engine

    I'm parting a 99' Sport XI. Don't have the hull or 750 engine, but just about everything else. Brackets, Cables, Hoses, Hood, Steering post, brackets, bolts, jet pump with impeller. Let me know...
  28. GP1300 Reed Block and Plate Parts For Sale

    I've got some leftover GP1300 reed block insulator plate, 1 reed block, reed block bolts, 3 spigots, case and head bolts and some other misc stainless hardware. Interested? PM me and make me an...
  29. Replies

    Re: More bullsht with power valves on 800

    I disagree with the folks who say grind them down. Yamaha has several publications regarding pv's. In short, the current pv being sold by yamaha, superseded part, has a longer bushing that when...
  30. Re: 1999 Ultra 150 wierd shake, vibration exhaust drone

    Ok, so I'm looking through the Kawasaki section and come across your post. The last one about the carb stumble. I have a 2003 Ultra 150 100% stock and had been sitting for 3 summers ( I work in the...
  31. Replies

    Re: GP800 Pipe Removal Questions

    I just did that very job on my 98' gp800. The carb side of the pipe is pretty easy and you don't need any gaskets for it. The other side (cylinders to the rubber double hose clamp section), you...
  32. Replies

    Re: 2001 Polaris Virage TX, no spark

    Friends of ours have a Virage TX and a Genesis and both have been great skis. Is there a second ground or positive wire that goes to the battery terminal that you overlooked when installing...
  33. Replies

    Re: 2000 xl 800

    When you cleaned your power valves, did you look in at the condition of the piston?? Oil hose off is how I acquired my 98 gp800. one smoked cylinder. Also, Yamaha has made some changes to the...
  34. Replies

    Re: 2001 XL800 Issues

    Ohio, fresh water! That's a great start. I would rebuild the top end and very closely inspect the bottom end. Power Valves....I just went through my 98 gp800 and update (hopefully) all the parts....
  35. Re: New to forum. 1994 yamaha waveraider questions

    You need to replace all the rubber parts when you clean carbs. The diaphragm on the metering side of the carb, not the pump side with the hose that goes to the engine crankcase, needs to pulse and...
  36. Replies

    Re: xlt 1200 exhaust overheat

    Hey Top Dog,
    Did you ever get this Waverunner repaired? I currently have a 98 xlt1200 (blue engine non powervalve, non converter) that overheats. When trying to run on the hose, I have no pilot...
  37. Re: INFO PLEASE - 1999 Yamaha GP800R/GP800 Shop Manual

    I don't know of any changes engine wise for the years 98 through 05, except for updates on items that are highlighted in every new model year publication, and the power valve saga. I don't have my...
  38. Re: INFO PLEASE - 1999 Yamaha GP800R/GP800 Shop Manual

    I have a 1998 manual. What info are you looking for?
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