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  1. Re: 1995 Seadoo Xp nothing happening when start button pressed

    Fuses and/or MPEM should correct if the MPEM is confirmed good. Really not sure what to tell you since the battery backwards can take out fuses and kill the diode in the MPEM.
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    Re: Full bore online

    So it has been 4 years since I replied to this post- Update Full Bore has not only continued with their practice of poor business they have refined it. I had not dealt with them in several years but...
  3. Re: Aftermarket MPEMs and Ignition Components 1996-1997 787s

    I was wondering how different the DI - high current regulator was . Also was thinking I could use a full wave bridge on each phase and then a high amp regulator from a tractor/etc. for regulation....
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    Re: How Long Can I Run Seadoo On a Hose?

    On a ski with the ceramic seal till it heats up and gets destroyed-----. Good rule of thumb is less than 2 minutes. To extend beyond that without possible seal damage you would need to spray clean...
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    Re: Check out this cylinder failure. 720

    Agree completely. Scores/gouges on the side of the piston get like that from mainly one thing - excessive carbon gets into the ring area and jambs the piston rings in the grooves and then instead of...
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    Re: 1990 GT yellow 587 to 717

    Pretty much everything from a donor ski. Motor, exhaust,MPEM. Cooling will need some mods. I did a couple of these on the newer 587 GTSs. Take it one step at a time. I still really like these old...
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    Re: 96 GTX--1st problem post in a LONG time

    Where did you get your new rectifier/regulator from? OEM?
  8. Re: Aftermarket MPEMs and Ignition Components 1996-1997 787s

    Any input from the aftermarket/race guys???
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    Re: Please help 787 won't rev to max rpm

    A 787--- 96 or 97 GTX set up properly with a stock impeller - working water regulator - properly adjusted oil pump and good compression will turn 7000RPM. Key things that affect this top rpm are...
  10. Re: ‘97 GTX 787 - low/high speed mixture preset?

    Carb settings on 787 should be 1 - 1 1/4 turn lows on both carbs and 1/8 turn on high on PTO to compensate for the exhaust length difference if the carbs are stock. 120PSI if your compression tester...
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    Re: Check out this cylinder failure. 720

    Looking at your piston wash this cylinder had water injestion. Your O-ring on the top of the cylinder was probably leaking.
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    Re: 1997 and 1999 XP cylinders full of water!

    Pm me for my phone # and I can come take a look sometime. It really seems odd that both skis would have water in the cylinders. this has me puzzled. Especially since they are different motors.
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    Re: 1997 GTX jug removal questions

    Reading your 2 posts you may be able to put back together and run Ok but I have concerns regarding the condition of the lower end. What happened to the rave valve exactly? Can you post pictures? ...
  14. Aftermarket MPEMs and Ignition Components 1996-1997 787s

    I am tired of fighting with old electrical components - reg/rectifiers - spark coils and wires - MPEMs. Have tried Arieltech MPEM on my 96 XP but not real impressed since I am getting intermittent...
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    Re: 1996 Seadoo GTX won't turn over

    Real quick observation is yes that the key is not programmed to the MPEM. If the beeper is working 2 beeps with a good key one long with a bad key. Pushing the start button should make the gauges...
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    Re: 1997 and 1999 XP cylinders full of water!

    Did you tow them in the water at fast speed?Water can get into your cylinders if the o-ring in the heads are bad or if you back pressure the water coolant system.

    I am on Hartwell and Wateree if...
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    Re: Seadoo Starters GSX 787

    All the aftermarket do not last. OE rebuilds only. otherwise you will be changing out. Also found that the rebuild kits for OE are not that great either anymore. So we are just stuck with the crap...
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    WTB 96-20 Seadoo GTX Gauge Deflector

    Looking for a gauge deflector for a 97 GTX. Doesn’t need to be perfect or green.
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    Re: 96 GTI -717 Parts

    How much for MPEM with key?
  20. Re: Gauge Deflector (Green) for 96/97 Seadoo GTX

    Pm me with shipping to 29130 and PayPal I information.
  21. Re: WTB: Seadoo 787 OEM piston & PTO cylinder.

    Price for motor as is shipped to 29130
  22. Re: Gauge Deflector (Green) for 96/97 Seadoo GTX

    Looking for another one.
  23. Re: 97 GSX starter cranks as soon as battery is connected Help

    I have several MPEMs that work all except for spark. GSX has the new all in one MPEM (no grey box) correct? On the grey box mpems there is a diode that is blown if you hook up the battery backwards...
  24. Re: 97 gtx how to remove mag Rave without removing exhaust?

    You should be able to remove it without removing the air box or exhaust. Take the valve apart and remove whole assembly off valve(cap, screw top, housing) and then pull valve.
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    Re: 1996 Sea-Doo GTX Scoop Stuck in Forward

    There is a latch paw on the bucket which latches in forward and makes sure you put reverse force on from the cable to get in reverse. The roll pin or the latch can catch and not dis-engage which...
  26. Re: 97 GSX starter cranks as soon as battery is connected Help

    Yellow/black is my best guess too. Would check to make sure it isn't getting 12 v when it should not and then look to MPEM if not seeing any thing shorted . Also make sure your start/stop circuit is...
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    Re: 97 gtx bogs wont rev more than 4400 rpm

    Regulator rectifier would be my normal answer but 13.8V sounds good --- is the spark breaking up when running or just have a bog? Otherwise bad plug/firing on 1 cylinder are the first things to...
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    Re: 97 gsx engine not firing

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    Re: 97 GTX Oil in cylinder

    Rebuilt cranks are around $300-$400. If you get the oil cleared and engine running it may not be a bad problem with the seals leaking . Getting oil/water out of an engine can be a significant effort....
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    Re: 1995 Seadoo XP oil leak question

    Yes, that or one of the tank connections or your connections to the engine for the rotary valves. But since you found one line off that was probably it. This means one cylinder was running without...
  31. Re: 1995 seadoo 657x keeps bogging when accelerating

    Carbs are not setup correctly - or could have another fuel system issue. Why did you delete the oil pump?
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    Re: Breaking in oil for 720

    50:1 In tank for 1/2 tank plus oil injection - oil your choice - will not have another oil debate! Probably least critical parameter(oil choice) out there IMO.
  33. Re: 95 Seadoo Xp Bogging, rough start, low speed?

    Check pop off pressure and verify return gas orifices are clear on carbs, rebuild as necessary - check carb components to verify if factory or not - set needles at rough factory settings for start. ...
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    Re: 95 SPX Troubleshooting

    This is an oil injection line - if you run the ski this way without premix your motor will soon be toast in the cylinder that the line is going to.
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    Re: Mikuni SBN fine-tuning

    I looked through your other thread and may have missed this detail --are you running premix or using the oil pumps? If running the pumps you have adjusted the oil linkage so that it is correctly set?...
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    Re: 2 1997 seadoo gtx's

    If I were any where near Texas they would be great for all the parts I have hanging around. Sounds like salvaging motor parts and others parts would be difficult based on the Al Oxide powder most...
  37. Re: 1996 GTX info gauge clear lens replacement

    I Have some old ones around with good lens you can have. PM me. I'm on Wateree and Hartwell.
  38. Re: 1993/1994 SeaDoo GTX Engine Replacement; Special Tools, Timing, and Compatibility

    1994 GTX has a 657 motor , 1993 GTX should have had the 587. The motors are not interchangeable without electronic change since the 587 electronics has a lower rev limit than a 657 motor. You should...
  39. Re: 94 xp can i put fuel tank in with engine in ski?

    93-96 XPs, all X4hulls, most early to mid 90 2 seaters. The GSX,GS are completely different.
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    Re: sea doo fuel filter by pass

    Not sure what hole ?? Don't remember seeing this.
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    Re: 1995 XP clicks - no turn over

    Battery should be 12.6 Volts if fully charged and then if old can be not enough to turn over motor. A low battery will still have enough voltage to make the starter solenoid click. If you do not take...
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    Re: Clogged 1993 seadoo XP

    Absolutely correct- the cylinder O-rings look like they are not correct for a 657 motor this would cause the shiny cylinder to look like it does because water from the cylinder cooling jacket is...
  43. Re: 787 runs ok on trailer but getting too much fuel in water

    Buy a new OEM rectifier/regulator and install, I think you are chasing your tail on the fuel/timing thing.
  44. Re: 96XP: Very obvious "knee" in the throttle curve - RAVE's? Water regulator?

    I had at least 20 - 787s and they all work slightly different. Adjusting the " red cap" adding washers to the water regulator etc. affect this transition some but they are still 787s with rave...
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    Re: 92 XP plastic pump cone cracked

    Looking at you pictures I conclude " You need a new pump". Chester is correct.
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